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Your Personal Learning Network

Ed Tech Made Easy

Do you feel isolated in your job? Are you the only one trying out new technology tools? Do not fear! I have some great suggestions for you, they are easy, free, very welcoming and supportive!

 Your Personal Learning Network


You can exchange ideas with other teachers right here on, on the discussion board or by becoming a member of the TeachHUB community. Here are 3 of my other favorites:

Classroom 2.0

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This ning was started by Steve Hargadon and is made up of 27,231 educators!

What is great about this is that you can pose a question to the 'crowd' and someone will respond with some great ideas, activities and support. The question I saw today was a request about an idea for teaching English to 8th graders using online tools. I responded with the project that I used with our 8th graders. I am sure in the next few days there will be many ideas and answers. I will be checking back to see. There are book discussions, blog posts, podcasts and great resources. There are subgroups that make up this site so you can really get to know a smaller group of people. There is a beginner group with volunteers to help you navigate. Pretty soon you will be helping someone else.  


PBS Teachers

Has a very comprehensive K-12 resource site. I am partial to the Summertime and your personal learning network. I was part of this presentation with my good friends Alice Barr and Bob Sprankle.  

But more than this,  I love PBS Teachers because there are so many professionals working on this site and they have many connections to extremely well produced media to expand my window to the world. I feel like I have a personal trainer helping me with my lesson plans. There are topics by categories, there are film clips, guiding questions and discussion rooms. There is no way I could prepare this information for my students without my personal trainer, or if I did, I would only be prepared for one topic per trimester, if I needed to locate all the videos, come up with the questions and study the background information. Here is an example of Standing up to Justice. 


This Ning began as an online session for the

Alice Barr, a technology integrator from Yarmouth High School, Bob Sprankle, a technology integrator from Wells Elementary School, and myself, a Technology Coach in the Wells Ogunquit Schools, gave a presentation with a NING as our platform. We started the Ning- Seedlings as a place where teachers new to technology could meet and share ideas and get support from one another. 3 years later this ning is still growing. You can check it our here, feel free to join. We offer ideas known at Geek of the Week, share movies, share blog posts and offer support through a weekly webcast and then podcast. Check it out at SEEDLINGS

Create Your Own!

With a little time and energy you can begin your own personal learning network by signing up for a Ning site at

You can keep your group private and only allow people to join who have an invitation. However, to make this really powerful ask them to ask someone to join and soon you will have your own personal learning network. 

  • Go to the site. 
  • Think of a name for your group.
  • Invite a few people. 

Do you have an online Personal Learning Network? What are your favorite sites to interact with other teachers? Share in the comments section!

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