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Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: VoiceThread

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Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: VoiceThreadGive your classroom and your students a global voice with VoiceThread! 

You can use this Web 2.0 tool to share your classroom experiences in a very easy and useful way. VoiceThread combines images, videos, text, documents, audio and YOUR voice into an easily published multimedia slideshow. You can also comment in 5 different ways, so it's great for all learning styles!


Do you have a bit of information you want to share with parents or your community? Are your students creating a project you want to share? This is a really easy way to make your classroom available online.


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How about your weekly newsletter? Try publishing it with VoiceThread, you will add a new dimension to your classroom. How about having your students make the recording, it works wonders for building confidence and fluency!

Years ago Ben and Steve, the owners, started this service as a way for others to share their photo stories. Educators took off with the idea and the owners have continued to meet the needs of educators through a variety of options.

Getting Started

1. Register

Jump into VoiceThread by registering free at

It takes less than 1 minute to register, basically as fast as you can type and you are in!  The process if pretty straightforward, but there is a 1-minute MyVoice tutorial and video instructions on how to use your computer/laptop microphone.


2. Pick Your Photos
You are ready to get started as long as you have photos loaded on your computer that you can upload to VoiceThread. Make sure you own the photos and that you have permission to post the individuals you have in the photos.

3. Upload, Caption and Publish!
Upload a couple photos. Give your voicethread a title.  Click and decide about comments to your VoiceThread. You can choose for others to comment, if you do, please moderate, which means you decide if the comment should be published, and finally, click on share to get the link to share your VT or send the link in an email to anyone!

It took less than 3 minutes to upload 2 photos and 1 video, save and get the link to the VoiceThread. You can view my first attempt here.

Check out this VoiceThread started by a teacher in Italy, where teachers and students from around the world talk about how much they like this 2.0 tool. (pictured above)

4. View & Make Comments

To view and make comments, just logout of your account and view your VoiceThread to see what it looks like to someone visiting your URL.

Using VoiceThread to Share Professional Development
To demonstrate how you can use VoiceThread with purpose, I created a slideshow with a theme, which will introduce you to the K12onlineconference2009! As you watch my Voicethread, please login and leave a comment. I will moderate the comments and will work to comment back to you. Be thinking of what your theme will be.


Check out my themed Voicethread and learn about the

How would you use VoiceThread in the classroom? Share in the comments section!