Video Writing Prompt: Hyundai Super Bowl Ad

Stephen Eldridge, TeachHUB

Each year, millions of people around the world tune in to watch the Super Bowl. This massive audience draws advertisers to the show, selling cars, snacks, movies, and more. This year, each company paid about 3.5 million dollars just to get a 30-second spot! Because of the crowds of people watching and the huge expense of the ads, advertisers try to put their best foot forward with their Super Bowl ads.

Use this example of a Super Bowl advertisement to get your students thinking and writing about how to analyze advertising, and what makes ads effective.

K-2 What Would You Advertise?

Hyundai makes cars. Their ad tries to make their cars look fun and exciting. What sort of thing would you like to advertise? What would you like to sell? Draw or write to show it!

3-5 Ads Sometimes Exaggerate

Advertisers try very hard to make you want to buy a product. Sometimes ads show things that are silly or exaggerated to get you to like the product more. Write to tell about three things you notice about this ad that you think might be unrealistic. Do you think the car the ad shows will really let you do all the things the family in the ad does?

6-8 Information and Emotion

Some advertisements try to sell a product by telling you about the product. They mention features, prices, and other information. Other advertisements try to sell a product by making you feel a certain way about the product. Do you think that this Hyundai ad is more an informational advertisement or more an emotional advertisement? Write two paragraphs to explain why. Use specific examples from the ad.

9-12 Analyze an Ad

Unlike many advertisements, this Hyundai commercial doesn't spend much time talking about the product its advertising. In three to five paragraphs, explain what you think the ad wants you to think or feel about the product, and whether you think it successfully communicates those ideas. Think about what emotions the ad attempts to create, and what kind of customer you think it is trying to reach.


Having trouble viewing the video? Click below to watch it.

Hyundai Super Bowl Ad


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