Video Writing Prompt: Bad Piggies

The creators of Angry Birds recently launched a new game in their brightly-colored, highly-addictive series. This new app, Bad Piggies, is the first genuine sequel to the original. With the popularity of Angry Birds, a massive following of small children, teens, and adults is sure to take flight with the inception of the sequel.

Use this short video to engage your students for a fun writing prompt about one of today’s most popular games.


K-2: Green Piggies?

Those piggies are all green! If you could create your own cartoon, what animal would you use and what color would it be? Why? (For even more fun, have the students draw their cartoon animal.)

3-5: Cartoon Characters

Many cartoons and video games have animal characters in bright colors that you don’t see in real life. Can you think of other animal characters that are a different color than they are supposed to be? Why do you think that cartoonists use different colors for the animals?

6-8: Video Games

The Angry Birds series of video games appeals to kids and adults of all ages. What other games can you think of that adults enjoy just as much as small children? What qualities do you think a game of that nature needs to have?

9-12 The Sequel

Bad Piggies is the official sequel to the incredibly popular Angry Birds series of games. What is another popular game or movie that you would like to see a sequel to? Describe what you would like to see happen in the sequel. What would make it unique?


Having trouble viewing the video on our site? Try clicking below to see the Bad Piggies video.

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