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Video: Bullying In Their Words

Bullying is one of the most difficult experiences for students to overcome. Over 50% of students have experienced verbal and/or social bullying, whether they were the victims or the bullies themselves. The feelings of insecurity, the overwhelming emotions and the daily fear of walking into school can be extremely tough on students of all ages. But there is hope. There is help. Bullied students can overcome their tormentors' verbal and physical assaults. Bullies and witnesses are also negatively affected by the act of bullying. The effects of bullying are discouraging across the board. You can be an ally to all students by promoting a bully-free classroom.


There are four types of bullying that are commonly found throughout the country. Each one can be harmful to all involved parties. As a teacher, you can help, first and foremost, by recognizing when it's happening.

Verbal Bullying: Any type of teasing or name-calling, this is the most prevalent form of bullying.

Social Bullying: Isolating victims, spreading rumors and gossiping are all considered social harassment.

Physical Bullying: Pushing, kicking, hitting and any other form of physical violence or disturbance falls under this category.

Cyber Bullying: This rapidly growing form of harassment is found through social platforms like Facebook and MySpace

This short, candid video shows real students and their struggle with bullying.

It is possible to minimize bullying. With help, students can grow stronger and stand up against bullies. On the flip side, bullies can change their ways, with the right motivation. Students do not need to fear walking through the doors of the school every morning. The victimized students in this video found ways to overcome the obstacles in their lives, and they continue on with hope for the future, as many students can and will, with help from actively involved teachers and parents.


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