Top 12 Ways to Stay Cool in Summer School

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12. Lights out! Whenever possible, let the bright summer sun light your classroom rather than extra heat-inducing bulbs. As a bonus, you’ll win major green points for saving electricity.

11. Stay Cool in Style: Break out those cute skirts, dresses and light layers. Though you should make sure those skirts fall below the knee (both for propriety and to avoid sticking to your chair).

10. Put a fan facing out the window. Despite the temptation to point the fan directly in your direction, this tactic should expel the hot air from the classroom and hopefully some cool air will come through the other windows.

9. Buy a desktop fan.

8. Stay hydrated. Avoiding alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

7. Speaking of sweat, load up on deodorant, keep a spray can or two in the classroom and encourage your students to use as needed. You may not feel much cooler, but the “atmosphere” in your classroom will certainly be more pleasant.

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6. A science teacher once told me that hot air rises and cold air sinks. Try sitting on the floor in a circle with your student.

5. Reward yourself and your students with cooling breaks. For a quick fix, run cold water over your wrist or a damp cloth on the back of your neck. 

4. The Great Outdoors – It may still be hot, but it certainly won’t be as stifling as your classroom packed with thirty drowsy, melting students.

3. Visit the computer lab as often as possible. Since apparently computers deserve to stay cool more than you do, you can at least visit their frigid headquarters with your class.

2. Embrace the tropic climate with a classroom luau. A few ideas: bring some leis for your students; only the student holding the pineapple can talk; get an answer right, get the fan until the next question comes around.

1.  Misbehaving students? Instead of handing out detentions, hand your trouble-makers a fan and bask in the satisfying breeze of their punishment.

What tips do you have to survive summer school (either beating the heat or any other issues)?