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Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010

In the spirit 2010 countdown, we're sharing TeachHUB visitors' favorite features from the past year.


Here are the Top 12 most popular teacher blog posts:  

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010Mrs. Mimi's Teacher Review of "Waiting for Superman"

By: The Chalk Talks

Well, we teachers are certainly waiting for something to prevail. Common sense? Our point of view? Reality? Superman? If you could have one or all of the above handy when you arrive, that would be fabulous.

If you haven’t already heard, there is a new movie called “Waiting for Superman” which chronicles five families who are desperate (with a side of extra drama) to find out if it is indeed their lucky day to win the lottery, the charter school admission lottery... One message I received loud and clear from this film that claims to portray the current situation in our school system: charter schools can save your life and public schools are the devil.

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Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010 Using Wordle To Introduce Lessons to Visual Learners

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

Wordle is my go-to resource for when I need to show the power of words. If you provide text or a website, Wordle automatically converts your copy into a word cloud that you can then customize.


Here are tons of ways to use it as a tool in your classroom.  read more


Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010The Spark of Teaching

By: Science Under the Microscope

What makes humans different? Being teachers and loving it!


In a recent panel discussion I attended,  Alan Alda and the producer's of the PBS documentary, “The Human Spark” tackled the question of what makes us different from the other animals. Each speaker made a powerful case for their response, and many fell into the theme of cooperation. My favorite answer, however, came from the hilarious Alda. read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010Empowering Students - Adding Choice to Assignments

By: Classroom Tales from the Bronx

Should students have a choice in what they learn and what work they do? The question reminds me of getting shots when I was a little kid and the doctor would let me pick a hand for my bubble gum reward.


Reflecting on how I was given this special opportunity to choose as a child has made me think about the influence choice has on my students when brought into the classroom. read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010

Google Squared: A search Engine for Students

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

The world of search is changing. Google , the leader, is being challenged by Microsoft and it's new search engine, Bing. In order to stay ahead Google is constantly working on new and innovative products to stay #1.


Google Squared has been around for a while now but still has not caught on, and I can't really figure out why. For students, Google Squared so good and I really do think it will change the way students conduct research online. read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 20107 Steps to Building a Solid Classroom Community

By: Teaching Around the World

Well, it’s hard to believe but another school year has begun! This time around I’m starting the year in a new country (Japan), new school (Yokohama International School), and a not-so-new job (Technology and Learning Coach). This is our fourth international school in eleven years and if the past few weeks are anything to go by, I think we’ll be here for a while!

Although you may not be moving to a new school (or even a new classroom), we all need to feel a sense of stability before taking risks and trying something new. After learning from plenty of mistakes in the past, here are my top 7 priorities for starting the year off right: read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010Go-To Science Websites for Labs, Demos, and Experiments

By: Science Under the Microscope

All Science teachers have found themselves ready to begin a unit, but needing some fun or exciting lessons to really get the students engaged.


You've probably searched the Internet for demonstrations or lab activities. You might have even sent out group emails pleading with friends and colleagues for their ideas.

Well, I have three "go-to" sources for demos and equipment that I hope you'll find useful.  read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010DocsTeach: Find & Create Online Learning Assignments

By: The ABCs of Accessibility

Bring history to life for your students... and make online assignments with ease thanks to the National Archives new teaching tool.


As a Special Education Instructor, I am always looking for help as I modify assignments or create supporting materials for my student’s general classroom work. After some research, I found a great teacher resource for creating authentic historical materials:  DocsTeach.  read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010Hello School Accountability, Goodbye Student Apathy

By: Classroom Tales from the Bronx

Gone are the good ole days of teacher ultimatums that could hold their own against student apathy.

"If you miss ten days of school a semester, you can’t pass the class.”

“If you fail this class, you’ll have to go to summer school.”

“If you fail summer school, you won’t graduate.”


It seems now there are endless options to still succeed even after failing to heed the warnings of educator after educator. read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010The Art of the Chart

By: The Chalk Talks

As I think about making my classroom rock next year, I have to confront the graveyard of a classroom I left behind this summer.


One thing I noticed is that some of classroom charts are looking...well...sad. Sad, unused and shabby. At one time they stood as beautifully color-coordinated monuments to our learning, but now, now my friends, they have become simply wallpaper.


Here is my list of strategies to amp up my charts as the school year kicks off this fall! read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 2010

Glossopedia: Safe Online Research for Students

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

In this digital age, kids are getting on the computers to play and learn every day. Teachers can tap into this online interest as a teaching tool to jumpstart research skills at a young age with the help of Globio's Glossopedia!


This site is designed especially with the young learner in mind with its age-appropriate content and emphasis on visual and auditory learning. read more

Top 12 Teacher Blog Posts of 201012 Reasons Why I Teach

By: The TeachHUB Blog

We're starting a little facebook fun for teachers and I'd love for you to join in!!


Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 12 Reasons Why You Teach. At the end, choose 12 (or more) teachers to be tagged.


My 12 Reasons
1. To share my passion for reading, writing and learning
2. My students constantly surprise me 
3. My acting career never took off (just kidding)....   read more

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