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Top 10 Video Apps for Teachers

Digital Media in the Classroom

Video Apps for TeachersFind out the top 10 video apps that all teachers will love, straight from our Digital Media in the Classroom blog.

I had a life changing experience about 6 months ago. No, not one that will live in infamy. And no, not one that is really a big deal anymore for many people. But for me, it’s been a game changer... I bought my first iPhone.


Now while I love all the ways I can use it to call, text, email, tweet, etc. some of the most fun I’ve had with it is as a video creation tool.


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Taking video, snapping pictures, and finding fun video making apps to use has been not only personally fun, but educational too. The power of video is immense!


I often speak about ways to incorporate video into the classroom. And with my iPhone 4S, it’s never been easier. My thoughts and experiences here are far from unique, but I decided to list my top 10 video creation apps that I have personally been using or teaching to our staff, and I would highly recommend them all.


As an educator, there are thousands of ways to incorporate these apps into your lessons and curriculum. I challenge you to do so.


App costs $3.99. Use video, music, photos, text, visual effects, and much more to create and share your videos.

Reel Director

App costs $1.99, but works great on all iOS devices. Offers more in-depth functionality.

Silent Film Director

App costs $1.99. Take a trip back in time with this app.

Super 8TM

App costs $0.99. Filters and effects on this video app add the “cool factor” to any video.


App is free. Take still images, add some animation and music, and voila! Video magic.


App is free. Students and teachers find this app perfect to use for lessons.


Although this app costs $4.99, it is super easy to create videos that look good. Upload time to YouTube is also very fast and convenient.


A simple three-step process, much like our #1 app. But what I love about this app is that is mixes and edits your video clips for you! It doesn’t just string all of your video clips together in their full form.


This app is free, and has been by far the easiest and most useful in the classroom for my students and me. We have documented field trips, class productions, recorded behind the scenes of lesson plans, and used to introduce new units. In three simple steps, I am easily producing a video; even with some broadcast production principles built in, such as length of shots, or, script writing and more.


The great advantage to making videos on a mobile device is that more and more of our students, and frankly teachers, have them. These apps are simple to learn, fun to use and then easy to share and publish online.


What other video apps am I missing? Please share in the comments! I would love to learn what you are working with, and how you are incorporating video in your class.