FRANKFORT, Il. – June 25, 2020

K-12 Teachers Alliance has launched a redesign of its proprietary website, The new site features a cleaner, modern look, a more intuitive design, and better navigation to allow educators to more easily explore the site and find the educational resources they need.

The TeachHUB team has also revamped and launched their free lesson plans and writing prompts for teachers to take advantage of.

Educators will now be able to explore teacher-created resources that fall into five different categories – teaching strategies, classroom management, classroom activities, technology in the classroom, and professional development – as well as lesson plans and writing prompts for a variety of subjects and all grade levels K-12.

Educators can also utilize professional development services lead by industry experts to master new skills and refine their pedagogies.

“The effort to redesign TeachHUB was centered around our longstanding commitment to educators: to provide current, well-focused resources inspired by feedback from teachers meant to deliver an array of benefits to all teachers,” said Joe Mroz, Executive Vice President of University Relations; Managing Partner at K-12 Teachers Alliance.

TeachHUB, is also closely aligned with Graduate Programs for Educators to assist teachers in finding the right master’s and doctoral programs to further their education, master current pedagogies, and gain new skills. Graduate Programs for Educators gives teachers direct access to more than 19 of K-12 Teachers Alliance’s University partners who offer various online, hybrid, and in-person program formats.

About TeachHUB

At TeachHUB, it is our mission to improve the quality of education by providing K-12 educators with the latest teaching strategies, lesson plans, classroom resources, real teacher blogs, and professional development, created by teachers for teachers. Plus all the tools and applications 21st-century educators need to maintain a level of excellence in their classrooms.

About K-12 Teachers Alliance

Sharing Solutions That Work for Teachers, Principals and the Children They Serve

With members across the spectrum of K-12 education — including public, private, charter, contract and online schools, as well as unions and other educator organizations — the K-12 Teachers Alliance serves educators by gathering the strengths of the entire K-12 community.

Since our inception, we have found surprising success in helping educators through the proactive method of communication and shared problem solving. We are now growing by leaps and bounds, based on the simple idea of “help us help you.”

With over 100,000 K-12 educators served, and so many more to serve, now is the time to join us as we face today’s education challenges together.

By coming together for the purpose of organizing and sharing resources, KTA is able to provide a range and depth of services that is truly different. It is the continual contributions of our membership and the pooling of resources that allow us to provide real solutions to the many challenges facing today’s K-12 educators.