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TeacherTube: Video Tips for Media Use in the Classroom

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TeacherTube: Video Tips for Multimedia ClassroomsMore than 80% of teachers use non-traditional media, according to a new study of media use in the classroom.

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to tap into media use in the classroom is through video, but many schools and districts do not have access to YouTube. If you're searching for teacher and student-driven content, I've got a great alternative for you: TeacherTube! started out as a safe free place for teachers to upload and share instructional videos they were creating for their classrooms. Since 2007, it has expanded into a collaborative, comprehensive site for educators and their students to share multimedia. It's a great website to add to your toolkit of Web 2.0 tools.

TeacherTube Features

  • Search and find videos, podcasts or audio, and documents related to your subject
  • Upload your own creations and the creations of your students
  • Download videos to play off your computer if you don't have internet access.
  • Share your video uploads with your Twitter, Facebook community or embed it on your blog or school website

TeacherTube in Action

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In a search for movies on the water cycle, in less than 26 seconds I found over 100 in safe search mode and they were all about the Water Cycle. Here's one with an evaporation song:

When you register for the free members, you can not only upload your videos from  your classroom and your content area, but you'll also skip past the ads that stream prior to the video playing.

TeacherTube also is a repository for documents to back up the video, photos from your topic and even a place for audio sharing.
All of this is to say that TeacherTube has branched out from an upload video sharing website to a video, document, audio sharing community. It is also a spot where educators can join and be part of a collaborative global community and share  their student work in a safe community.

Check out the channels on TeacherTube and there you will find the categories which will get you started browsing all the great content that is available.

Do you use video in your classroom? Where do you find them and how do you use them? Share in the comments section!


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