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Teacher Quiz: What's your summer persona?


Summer Teacher QuizAs teachers, our jobs are a big part of our identities. When summer break rolls around, teachers can reveal a whole new side to themselves. 

Teachers, take the quiz to determine YOUR summer persona!!


How will you be quenching your thirst this summer?

  • A. Poolside margaritas and mimosas
  • B. Leftover juice boxes
  • C. Drive-thru pop between shifts
  • D. Quenching my thirst for knowledge with education webinars and teacher chats on twitter

What reality show is most like your life?

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  • A. The Real Housewives of (insert location)
  • B. Kate Plus Eight
  • C. Dirty Jobs
  • D. Yo, Teach!  (minus Tony Danza)

What mag would you be most likely to pick up at the newsstand?

  • A. US Weekly / Sports Illustrated
  • B. Parenting
  • D. Education Week

How will you be soaking in the sun this summer?

  • A. On a jet ski in the Caribbean
  • B. Watching Little League games
  • C. During my duties as a beer garden bartender at the local tavern
  • D. On my hammock while reading up on the Common Core State Standards

What song is in your head right now?

  • A. Somebody That I Used to Know ~Gotye
  • B. Bieber’s Boyfriend or the Backyardigan’s latest jam
  • C. Non-descript light rock (played on repeat at work)
  • D. All I Do Is Solve - an education rap of my own creation

What website do you most frequent?

  • A. Pinterest / ESPN
  • B. PBS Kids
  • C.
  • D. TeachHUB of course! (Bonus points for this answer Teacher Quiz: What's your summer persona?)

If you were a celebrity, who would you most likely be compared to?

  • A. Kim Kardashian
  • B. Martha Stewart
  • C. Ryan Seacrest
  • D. Diane Ravitch

It’s a sunny Friday in July.  Your day is wide open, so you decide to:

  • A. Call a friend to hit up the street fest happening in the city
  • B. Plan a picnic at the park with the family
  • C. Pick up an extra shift
  • D. Head to the teacher’s store to get started on your back to school supply buys



Summer Teacher QuizMostly A’s - The Summer Fun Teacher

You’re the teacher of everyone’s envy, taking your summer vacation by storm and refusing to apologize for it! This well-deserved break opens up your schedule for the important work ahead: working on your tan, working on your relationships with family/friends, and working on your mental health.

Remember to utilize the time that you have to knock off those school year to-do lists you make for summer, but easily forget. Productivity is always easiest when you’re busy… so you’ve got to force it when you aren’t.

Summer Teacher QuizMostly B’s -The Sumer Kiddy Corral Teacher

Break, what break? Between baseball, cleaning and house maintenance, family/neighborhood events and keeping the kids (and your spouse) out of trouble, you’ve barely taken a breath since school let out. Even your family vacation feels like a full-time job!

Remember not to let the summer agenda get you down. Enjoy some unplanned, lazy time with your favorite people on Earth!

Summer Teacher QuizMostly C’s -The Summer Work-a-Day Teacher

You’re a teacher-by-May, and a bartender/clerk/office worker/tutor-by-June. These few months free of teacher are a nice mental break, but that doesn’t mean you don’t work for a living. Whether you enjoy the part-time gig or just need the cash, you don’t know the meaning of “down time.”  

Remember to take at least some full-on vacation time. You deserve it and you’ll need it come the fall!

Summer Teacher QuizMostly D’s -The 365/24/7 Teacher

Teaching is in your blood. Even if that bell doesn’t begin your day, education and improving your classroom skills are always on your mind.  Summer is your time to catch up on new strategies, sharpen your skills and get organized for the next school year.

Remember to take some time for yourself and rest up. It’ll be good for you and your students!


How would you describe your summer teacher self? Share in the comments section!

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