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  Grade: HS   l   Subject: Music


Brooklyn Tech High School
Brooklyn, New York

How did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
When I was a little kid and we played house I always wanted to be the school teacher. I like helping people and I love to make music. It’s what I do.

What are three things every teacher should own?
Every teacher should own ear plugs, an escape plan, and a large bottle of asprin. Seriously, a clock, lesson plans, and a calendar. You can not make it through a day without them.


 Grade: HS   l   Subject: History


Westerville North High School
Westerville, Ohio

If you could have any person (living, dead or fictional) as a principal, who would it be?
Wow. The "dream school" would have Abraham Lincoln as the principal. You want someone tall and well-spoken to run the show. Someone people can see coming down the hallway. (Of course, he wouldn't be allowed to wear his hat. Sorry Abe. School rules.)

Describe your all-time favorite lesson/unit activity.
Every spring I re-create a Civil War battle using over 4,000 water balloons. I march the students in lines and have them fire timed volleys just like they did during the conflict. I bring in reenactors who shoot muskets, rifles, and artillery to clog the battle field with smoke and make it as realistic as possible. The students are always amazed by this every year. It certainly beats lecturing about linear war!


Grade: 7th l Subject: LA/Science

Lake Riviera Middle School
Brick, New Jersey

What is the greatest misconception about teachers?
The teacher's workday ending at 2:30 in the afternoon is by far the most laughable and most pathetic lie about educators. Most nights, I am still doing "teacher-related" duties until 8:00pm or so. I have never had a 40 hour workweek while teaching.

Describe your all-time favorite lesson/unit activity.
There is not really a particular or specific lesson/activity that I enjoy more than any other. I believe that each lesson or unit activity has a great life of its own and should be relished for the unique opportunity it may present.

  Grade: 3rd   l   Subject: All Core


Kress Elementary School
Kress, Texas

What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
One profession I’d like to attempt would be a professional pianist. It wouldn’t matter if I were a classical, contemporary or country-western artist; it would be fantastic to earn a good living with my talent.

What stereotype about teachers is true?
Teachers have class!

  Grade: 6th   l   Subject: Science


Incarnation Catholic School
Centerville, Ohio

What is the greatest misconception about teachers?
That all teachers wear hideous holiday sweaters – I refuse!

If you could have any person (living, dead or fictional) as a principal, who would it be?
My ideal ficticious principal would be Julie Andrews either from Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music.


  Grade: 6th   l   Subject: Math


Richard Ira Jones Middle School
Plainfield, Illinois

Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Brenda Stanhouse. I loved when she would read stories to the class and we would be able to hold a stuffed animal of the character in the book. She would also do voices for each character. I was not a huge fan of reading but Mrs. Stanhouse helped spark my interest in reading.

What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
I would love to work at a baseball stadium. I absolutely love baseball and would do any type of job to be around the baseball atmosphere.



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