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Sub Plan Prep Goes Digital

Ed Tech Made Easy

For most of us, making and submitting plans for a substitute can be such a pain that it's not worth the day off, especially for last minute or complex lessons. With the help of Jing, you can create sub plans quickly, easily and from anywhere (and you won't have to limit yourself to generic worksheets or videos).

This computer capture tool can help you create a video of screen shots or the whole process of your lesson. This way, nothing will be lost in translation between the lesson you want and what the substitute does. It's as if you're in the classroom showing them yourself - no matter where you are.

There is some intial setup for this tool, but it's totally worth it! You can use it for sub plans, in-class work, video directions for absentees or to reinforce homework instructions.

Get Started

  • Sign up for free JING account (to create) & account (to post)
  • Watch the free movie on how to capture your own jing project.
  • Download the jing software to your computer.
  • Then open Jing.

Making Your Interactive Sub Plans 

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From there, just click the record button and demonstrate the exercise for the lesson on the computer screen. You can narrate the video to talk directly to your students.


Example of Final Product

Check out this example of subsititue directions for English class in middle school.


1.  Each student will be responsible to for demonstrating to the class the important ideas for a poem:


2.  Choose a stanza of a poem at Edgar Allen Poe's Poetry Page  


3.  Ask the students to copy a stanza of the poem, and then go to Wordle and create a new wordle, paste the stanza and then add their own words describing what they have read. The wordle will present a graphic and then they can reflect with a friend, a group or the class. Printing is optional!


The following is used in my example:


Hear the loud alarum bells-

Brazen bells!

What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!

In the startled ear of night

How they scream out their fright!

Too much horrified to speak,

They can only shriek, shriek,


The more often the student types a word, the larger it becomes in the wordle. I typed loud frequently, scared, screamed , afraid and all those words now become part of the poem.


See the video below to see the final product!

Sharing Your Jing Movie

Once you finalize the video, you can publish it to screencast with one click. That'll give you an option to copy the URL, embed your video online, or email directly to the principal, instructional leader, sub or students!

You can post it on your classroom website, wiki, blog or google site.


There are some other features of Screencast that rock:

  • privacy controls to hide, password protect or make your files public
  • cloud storage (a.k.a. saving online) for images, videos and powerpoint

** This idea is from a teacher at Yarmouth HS, Yarmouth, ME.

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