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Student Book Club Guide

Annie Condron


Student Book Club GuideDon't let the "summer slide" erode all the reading progress your students have made this year. Encourage students to keep reading over the summer by forming student book clubs!

We've created a Student Book Club Guide to share with your students and their parents to help you get the ball rolling. It may help to introduce this in class and send home to parents. To really go above and beyond, gauge interest among students and have them sign up in school. Then, pass it off to one of the most enthused students or parents to take it from there. 

This is a great way to ensure that book clubs go beyond cliques and actually help students engage socially. You may also want to specifically encourage those reluctant readers who have the most to lose if "summer slide" takes hold.

The Student Book Club Guide includes a PDF handout to get students (and/or parents) started in creating, organizing and LOVING their book club. It also includes a sign up sheet.

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Here's a preview of the Student Book Club Guide contents:

Recruiting Student Book Club Members

Book clubs can be any size, though a group of 4+ will help engage more opinions.

While it’s tempting to stick with your cliche, a book club is a great way to extend your circle and get to know new people. Ask people you might not typically see over the summer or put it out to the entire class!

Schedule & Organize Book Club Meetings

As a first step, determine how often you’ll be meeting and what day/time works best for everybody.

You can start a book club blog or a group google calendar to keep track of the books your reading, the location, activities, etc.

Extra fun option: Find cool, different places to hold your meetings! Library meeting rooms and parks are good, free alternatives to book clubbers’ homes, but you can also try local coffee houses or locations that fit the theme of your book (i.e. visiting a zoo or arboretum when reading Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian.)

Get Creative with Book Club Activities

This isn’t your grandma’s book club!

In a book club, you don’t have to just sit around and talk about the book. You can play games (charades or Win, Lose or Draw with book-specific themes), do themed activities or even dress up as your favorite character for the meeting.

For instance, Hunger Games features archery. Why not get a nerf bow and arrow set and compete among members to see who is the best shot?!?

Trade off on bringing snacks and refreshments for club meetings too!

Pick Your Books!

Do you want to have a theme for your book club based on the group’s interests? You can also trade off on book picks so everyone gets a chance to choose.

Need ideas? Check out these book lists (divided by age)

Download the Student Book Club Guide now!


Share your tips for starting books clubs and/or avoiding the summer slide in the comments section!

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