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Snow Day Envy

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Snow Day EnvyI am overwhelmed with jealousy. This jealousy isn’t necessarily directed at teachers who are enjoying snow days this week, but to all teachers who get to recapture that childlike innocence and excitement that comes with a snow day. 


Unlike the world of office workers, teachers can still hope.


While I was whining about digging out my car last week, my mom was crossing her fingers and bookmarking the district website for updates. Just like their students, my teacher friends were brainstorming possible snow day activities, debating whether or not to get caught up on grading or just enjoy their bonus day.

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Seeing the anticipation on their faces is like watching bright-eyed children wondering what Santa might leave under the tree Christmas morning.


To be clear, these are all amazing teachers who love their jobs. It just seems that the school atmosphere is one in which teachers can look forward to time off like students. In a business setting, you live with the unyielding downer of adulthood because a snow day is just not going to happen and openly admitting you are wishing for one is taboo.


Sadly, the snow day didn’t come to fruition, at least not yet (with this month's unseasonably cold weather and unpredictable storms, there is still a chance in January. Gotta love Chicago!). But teachers can still rest assured that their career let them feel like kids again.

Sing your Snow Day praises (or declare your Snow Day dissent) in the comments section!!

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