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Quizlet: Flashcard Fun for Learning Facts

The ABCs of Classroom Accessibility

How can we teach new vocabulary in a fun, exciting new way?


With all of my students doing poorly on their literary terms quiz, I needed to find something to help motivate them to practice, practice, practice and engage with the vocabulary until they were able to embed all those vocabulary terms into their short and long term memory.  Quizlet fit the bill!


I had heard about, a free online flashcard site, about a year ago and shared it with some teachers as the tech specialist. Now that I am back in the classroom, I am excited to use this in all content areas as I support my students!


Quizlet Experiment
On Friday, I shared the site with my students to play with over the weekend. I promised that we would set it up on Monday in class and then they could study, retake the quizzes and realize a better grade.


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The Results:
Well, one student registered and created his own Flashcards during the weekend. He studied and took the quiz on Monday morning and passed with 100%! Another student created the flashcards in class and then began the study process and with the feedback from the program, she went from 3/10 words mastered to 8/10 words mastered in 10 minutes.


Success!! I found something to motivate my students to practice, practice, practice, engage with the vocabulary and embed the words into their short and long term memory.


Getting Started with Quizlet
First, requires that you register for FREE before you begin using the online tool. As a student, you will be happy with the free account. However, if you are a teacher, you may want to spend the $10.00 for the Quizlet Plus upgrade. The upgrade will allow the teacher to add unlimited images and create unlimited groups.


(Plus, since Quizlet was designed by a 15-year-old student four years ago, this helps to fund his college education. You can learn more about Andrew Sutherland, increase your students’ interest in this product, and understand about new vocabulary!)


There are over one million registered users who make up the learning community at Quizlet. The best part is that most of these learners have shared their flashcards for all to use.


Students and teachers can make sets of online flashcards at Quizlet.


Anyone can: - make a private set of flashcards - share their flashcards with their own group - share their flashcards with their friends on Facebook - share their set of Flashcards with the world. - There is even an app for that!


Sign Up for Quizlet  or  Learn More about Quizlet


How do you help students learn vocab and other fact-based information? Share in the comments section!


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