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PBS Kids Island: Website of the Week

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PBS Kids Island: Website of the WeekGetting stranded on a desert island just got educational, thanks to PBS Raising Reader's Kids Island.


Every few months, I search for the latest websites for young children. My own children loved Sesame Street and predictability of the show, so I started at the source. Since Sesame Street has been introducing our youngest learners to a world of literacy, numeracy and social sciences, what would they be promoting today?


Sesame still has a lot ot offer themselves. If you are looking at best practice and research based learning, go to the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop, where so much work is concentrated on our youngest learners. 

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PBS has a lot more to offer than Big Bird's feathery fun. I also found Raising Readers Kids Island, where kids can play free reading games and activities with their parents, teachers, and caregivers! 


Why I Recommend PBS Kids Island:

This website is designed to support parents, caregivers and teachers with lots of written material and plenty of activities for adults sharing the love of reading with their little ones. I loved the page with thirty-second mini videos which demonstrate why you would ask your child to write a grocery list, draw a story on the sidewalk and then explain it and the video even explains the website.


The best part is that a parent or teacher can view the progress a child is making at the website playing and learning about reading and specific skills. The website is designed for the child to explore and learn independently and at the same time, the site encourages the adults in that child's life to participate and discuss the activities the child participates in.


This site is designed for students ages 2-8. I would recommend this as a resource for preschools, day care centers, kindergarten and first grade classrooms and early special education and special reading programs. Your youngest learners will feel really accomplished as they will be successful navigating this website.


Reading Rewards


During the development of Kids Island your child is able to earn prizes for playing a game and getting answers correct. I am always leery about games and earning points. However, the points are traded in for toys, books, and other items that the child places in their tree house room. All the points can be traded in for play items, and each game mastered allows the child to build their own amusement park on the island. This encourages the child to keep coming back and doing the hard work and hard play of learning to read and learning to love literacy.

What reading websites do you love? Share in the comments section!

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