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Teachers' End of the Year Organization & Binder Tips

Special Ed Resource Room


As this school year draws to a close, it is the perfect time to prep for a super organized start to the next school year... and I'm starting by creating binder bliss!


I have already confessed earlier this year that I am organizationally challenged and have a love of binders. I have decided that as I pack up my classroom for the school year I am going to attempt to organize a bit so it is not such a disaster when I return in August.


I want to try to make the learning environment in my classroom less distracting (which we all know is important for all students, not just those with special needs). I have used my love of pinterest to find some ideas to help with this gigantic task.

Teachers' End of the Year Organization & Binder TipsFrom File Cabinets to Better Binders

My main task is going to be to try to get rid of at least one of the three filing cabinets I have in my room. I found a post on Once upon a First Grade Adventure (picture to the left comes from her post) that tackled just this thing. I followed her example to make my binder-ized resources ready, at hand, organized and with resources more readily available for students rather than overstuffed and hidden away in hard-to-navigate cabinets

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Getting Supplies

The first thing I need to do to get this started is to secure a large amount of binders.  Now being a teacher (who is out on unpaid maternity leave) I don’t have a lot of money, so I turned to one of my favorite places to look for stuff for my classroom, Freecycle.


If you have not checked out this awesome resource it is definitely worth looking into. I lucked out and scored at least 20 binders of all sizes in excellent condition. These are now sitting in the back of my van awaiting introduction into my classroom.

Teachers' End of the Year Organization & Binder TipsClassroom Sticker Binders

Another great binder idea I found is a sticker binder.  Why didn’t I think of that! I found this post at  A Cupcake for the Teacher (picture to the left comes from her post).  Again, I will be able to use one of the binders that I got off of Freecycle (and saved from the landfill, always a plus) to create a binder to organize my stickers and hopefully not forget about all of those really cute holiday stickers I have. 


I am planning on organizing my stickers by month. I will have a sleeve for each month and probably some cutesy label. Then I can just put the stickers in the sleeve and they are ready to go. 

Word Flash Card Binders

The last binder I would like to create prior to packing up for the summer is one for all of my word flash cards. I have tons and they are just thrown in a drawer. Honestly, I think I am the only one who would be able to figure out which are which. 


My plan is to use baseball card sleeves to organize the words by list (pre-primer, primer, first, etc.). 


I would love to know if you have any binders that you plan on creating to help with organization.  I am always looking for new ideas!

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Share your binder ideas and end of the year organization tips in the comments section!!

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