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Online Reading Games for a Rainy Day!

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In my last blog post, I created a weblist page of links for Rainy Day Math Games. This blog post is all about Rainy Day Reading Games.


When I choose summer reading games and activities, I look for games and activities you may have to provide some support the first time around, but soon after, the engagement takes over and your student is using the games independently. Here are a few to get you started!


Comic Creator

Online Reading Games for a Rainy Day!

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All of us, young and young at heart love comics! So, why not create your own comics throughout the summer. You can create comics to tell a well loved story, to explain the steps in a process and to explain new vocabulary! You will want to make your own comic here at ReadWriteThink .

I like this site because it not only provides a game for your learners, but embeded in the site are directions for parents and teachers. This site is supported by the International Reading Association, NCTE, (National Council Teachers of English).

SuperWhy! Book Creator

Online Reading Games for a Rainy Day! 

I would be remiss if I didn't mention You can choose from many categories of games from Reading Games, Literacy Games, Letter Games. If your learners liked the comic creator and want to stretch to creating longer stories, try SuperWhy! Book Creator.

In this story book creator young readers choose a story and then choose easy or hard for more or less reading support. Then with the whywriter! change words in familiar stories and make different stories. It is a very even, predictable game and your young learner will enjoy customizing their stories, reading on their own and finally printing or emailing the finished product. What a great way to continue summer learning.

If your young learner likes this game, there is an app for that for your itouch or ipad from the iTunes store for $2.99.

Book Review Guide 

For your middle and high schooler , you can try out having them write a book review after they read their own book. At Scholastic's site there is a fill in the blank online form and your child can share what they have read with others. There is a "how to write a book review" section to follow, written by Rodman Philbrick.

This option blends using your public library as well as an online option!

Online Magnet Poetry Lower Grades

Online Reading Games for a Rainy Day!

Online Magnet Poetry Higher Grades

Online Reading Games for a Rainy Day!

The great thing about the poetry site is that you can expand your writing skills, think creatively and email the finished products.


The Library Online

Remember to visit your public library often throughout summer!If you are unable to get to your public library check out the Internet Public Library for Kidsthe Internet Public Library for Teens and specifically the Graphic Novels section to catch the teen craze.

Collaborative Story Telling Online

Lastly, here is a story site for writing collaboratively or listening to stories that students have recorded.

My favorite story to listen to is by Kelly Sagar, (age 10 when this was created), telling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, from the wolf's perspective.This site is a treasure trove. It takes a little navigating to move around the site, but it is worth it. Share your favorites.

Remember keep reading, writing and working with numeracy through games! Over and Out, see you in the Fall.


For the full, updated list of teacher favorite reading websites, check out the page with links Reading Always for a Rainy Day! to see the list OR add your favorites to the list!


You can also share your favorite reading websites and online literacy games in the comments section!

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