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Online Learning Games Students Love


With kids obsessed with video games and every other flashy technology, teachers and parents have a lot of competition when it comes to educational materials.

Rather than fighting a losing battle with video games, it's time to start brining gaming into learning. There are a ton of free interactive gaming sites with serious educational value.  

LearningAdvanced students can be virtual Crime Scene Investigators or design their own cell phone on Their interactive games tap into the scientific method and come with lab-style sheets while mixing fun, innovation into the mix.

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Jeopardy Quiz Games

Jeopardy isnt' exactly high tech or revolutionary, but its a classic and a student favorite for all grade levels. The free online versions also make it easilya adaptable for review of your curriculum. This game is high energy, with double jeopardy, easy-to-use scoring on the site and up to five teams. Just really fun!


You can either create your own or see if there’s a ready-made one on the topic you’re using. You can play online or save to your computer to come back to later.

Mary Miner put together an extensive list on her wiki of other interactive sites and games for middle and high school teachers. Check out her list!


Elementary and early elementary ages have even more online learning games. Below are a list of sites that have a lot of games with a good variety to help match up with your curriculum.

Favorite Online Games for Elementary and Early Elementary



Scholastic Games (comes with Teachers Guide. Free version has ads, but subscribers can play games ad-free) 


From across the pond, the BBC Schools page has games accompanied by related reading, video and quizzes. As a bonus, there is a slot machine-style tool to view all the different games. Fun!


You can even embed the videos on your school blog or website to make them easily accessible for students. Here are a few to get the ball rolling.

Online Reading Game 


Online Science Game 


Online Math Games


Share your favorite online games for students in the comments section!

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