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Has anyone ever wondered why the arts are not included in standardized tests if NCLB lists the arts as one of ten core subject areas?

I'm not sure how your state's standardized test is formated, but in Illinois, the ACT is half of the test (I won't get into how ridiculous that is). In the reading portion one of the articles is geared towards the arts. This is usually nothing more than an article about Louis Armstrong or something of the sort. That doesn't answer your question at all; that is just simply how they justify it. I'm with you and the numerous studies that prove that children best learn when all parts of their brains are utilized.

Hmm yeah we have something similar, but I don't count that... It's frustrating because more and more funding gets cut from the arts. I know it's just a matter of time before our music program is completely eliminated :(

I am going to throw something out there that might help you. If you have some technology skills push for a mac lab. You could use EDMODO to blog on music (privately) and Garageband to create DVD's /CD's and do iMovie videos. If you could infuse your arts program with technology (through a grant maybe... just maybe) they WONT cut it.

I've been working doing things like this in the fine arts for a while. It's been very beneficial. I highly suggest doing this (if at all possible).

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