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Study Guides-Suggestions?

I wanted to get a feel for other teachers' policy on study guides for tests. What do you think the best approach is to making sure students are prepared for exams? Are study guide hand-outs cutting the students too much slack? Any feedback would be great!

I do include most of the test questions, but I also include several study and essay questions that will not be on the test. That way, they have to learn everything!

Also, I try to avoid one-word answers or mere memorization info, even if that is the format of the test, to encourage more critical thinking rather than rote memorization.

I give study guide for the final exams but not for single unit tests. I do a test review where I pretty much tell them what to study, I do give them the essay question in advance.

Thanks Maria and J., great input! I appreciate the responses :-)

We have a system of conducting worksheets after every chapter. In that way, the class test is as good as a recap worksheet, and they also get a hang of what kind of questions would come for the test. It really helps.

I try to make sure that study materials require students to DO something. I may give a list of questions (similar to test Q's) rather than answers and I tell students, "Make sure you can answer these questions. Then you'll know you're ready." If they make an organizer or flash cards with answers this also allows students to interact with the material & they have to think about how to word and present it. In addition, adding color to study materials helps some student remember information more easily.

I think it is responsible teaching to give study's not our job to trick students. I want my kids to know exactly what standards they have to hit, what objectives they have to know, and what expectations I have for their learning. I give rubrics for every assignment, and a study guide for each quiz. Kids need to know what they are expected to learn...easy=)

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