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Happy Healthy Halloween
By: Patty Murray
As Halloween approaches and candy sales rise, students look forward to celebrating this spooky holiday in the classroom. Fighting childhood obesity is becoming a bigger focus in schools, so a candy...
Using Movies to Enhance Student Learning
By: Meghan Mathis
Film versions of novels can be incredibly useful in teaching literature units., and can help further student learning and comprehension.
5 Ways to Promote Summer Reading
By: Annie Condron
These 5 strategies to promote summer reading will help teachers get kids hooked on reading outside of school and prevent the "summer slide" in reading development.
To Do Today Tips: Writing Across the Curriculum
By: Kim Haynes
If we want students to succeed in school and professionally, they have to be able to express themselves in writing. But all too often, writing is only taught and practiced in the English/Language...
Passport to Education: Exploring World Calendars in the New Year
By: Janelle Cox
It's the start of the New Year. For those of you that follow the Western calendar (Gregorian calendar), this means making resolutions and beginning a new year on January 1st with a fresh start. This...
To Do Today: Thinking about Temperament in the Classroom
By: Kim Haynes
Many researchers who have studied sensitive children, spirited children, and introverted children emphasize that these are often kids who can grow up to do amazing and important things in the world,...
To Do Today: Plan a Mini-Service-Learning Project for the Holidays
By: Kim Haynes
It’s a good time of year to give back. But service learning projects can be dauntingly long, and at this point in the school year, you have less class time, not more. Try this plan for a shorter...
Missing Homework
By: Stephanie Wrobleski
As teachers, we’ve all had to deal with late work / homework from students. Whether it is a legitimate illness or a case of chronic truancy, dealing with late / missing work is annoying to say the...
Creative Literature Projects Students Love
By: Laura Preble
Sometimes it’s difficult to get students interested in literature, especially the classics. Spicing up lesson plans with some creative projects allows students who are not traditionally academically...
Setting goals in the classroom
By: Loriana Romano, Lisa Papa, and Elita Saulle
Use this article for some helpful tips on goal-setting in your classroom. Follow the links to an accompanying lesson plan.


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