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Students sitting around a table with Tic Tac Toe on it.
By: Rosshalde Pak
Classroom games add flair and student engagement to more tedious, yet necessary tasks like teaching math facts.
Potential teacher being interviewed.
By: Tim Winterview
Preparing for a teaching interview is a lot like studying for a test. You can review commonly asked questions, think about what you'll say beforehand, and go in to do your best. If you prepare...
Teaching Grants
By: Mary Morgan
With late winter and spring deadlines approaching, now is the time to find and apply for teaching grants. Check out these tips to getting grant funding for your classroom or school projects.
No bullying sign on chalkboard
By: Jodee Blanco
Anti-bullying activist Jodee Blanco shares her 10-step guide for teachers to create a bully-free classroom today!
Back to School Teacher Organization
By: Carol Brooke, M.S., M.Ed.
“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning” ~ Winston Churchill In the midst of back-to-school madness, it’s easy to let yourself get overwhelmed with all the planning and prep....
By: Laura Adams
Have you just completed your teaching degree and are looking to start your career? Are you a seasoned teacher who is looking for an exciting new challenge? Or are you a professional outside of the...
Classroom Seating Chart
By: Charity Preston
With the winter holiday break over, many teachers are buckling down and getting ready to put learning into high gear in anticipation of standardized testing season, which will be upon us before we...
Classroom Environment
By: Charity Preston
With Open House, Meet the Teacher Night, and Curriculum Night upon many, it is time to survey whether or not your classroom is welcoming. Here are some tips on how to use the five senses to guide...
Teach to All Learning Types with Multiple Intelligences
By: Kathleen Stevenson
Among the numerous educational theories in existence today, Multiple Intelligences has gained both popularity and visibility because of its ability to successfully reach a wide variety of children.
Special Education: Success Story with ADD And ADHD
By: Claudia Mann
In our rapidly moving culture, special education students diagnosed with ADD or ADHD are an ever-increasing challenge for teachers. Here are a few teacher-tested strategies designed to garner success...


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