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By: Mrs. Mimi's Chalk Talks
An Open Letter To Anyone Who Will Listen and Has the Power To Do Something:My heart is breaking.  Literally breaking.  I have a mountain of data to analyze and write about, a website to develop...
By: Jacquie Ream
Somewhere out there is the mind that will produce the next great American novel. If, however, that would-be author is under the age of 18, the words they write may be more of “SOZ” and “TGGTG” than...
By: Annie Condron
Who wants EVERY Friday off? I DO, I DO… or do I? Schools around the country are considering the four-day work week to deal with extreme budget cuts. With a shorter week, these schools can save...
By: Chad Criswell
It's time to say goodbye to an A for effort, no matter what your subject.   Many current music educators grew up in a time when being in an ensemble was solely about playing the music for the next...
By: Kim Haynes
While teachers and classrooms are doing everything they can to differentiate and personalize instruction for every student, policy-makers are focusing on creating uniform standards across the map....
By: Annie Condron
What can a teacher do if students just don’t care? This question is one that plagues every teacher, as has becomes clear through my own teaching experience and almost every conversation I’ve had with...
By: Adam Waxler
As we approach the end of holidays, it is common to see a spike in classroom management problems as many students have a tendency to think the school year is over before it actually is... Of course,...
By: Kim Haynes
We’ve all seen the ads: go to school in your pajamas! At any time of day! Thanks to cheesy infomercials and stories of diploma mills, online education has a bad rap, especially among some in the...
By: Annie Condron
With each new headline, it seems like no school is safe. Chicago: An honor roll student from Fenger High School, Derrion Albert, was brutal beaten to death by four classmates on his way home from...
By: Science Under the Microscope
What makes humans different? Being teachers and loving it! In a recent panel discussion I attended,  Alan Alda and the producer's of the PBS documentary, “The Human Spark” tackled the question of...


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