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By: Ron Coniglio
As educators or parents or just as adults, we all acknowledge that there are differences between boys and girls as well as differences between women and men.   It is imperative that we acknowledge...
By: Patricia Hawke
 In Colorado, Maine, Alaska and other districts throughout the country, schools are saying goodbye to traditional grade levels. The traditional way of students moving up a grade as the kids get older...
By: Patricia Hawke
More and more schools have had to make the hard decision to either keep or cut out the schools library. The sad thing is, that’s the schools first thing they think of when making budget cuts.  While...
By: Annie Condron
With the opening of “Waiting for Superman,” charter schools backed by big corporations are in the “it program” for ed reform. Is this really the answer? 
By: Patty Murray
With the recent ruling that teachers have no free speech rights in the classroom, it’s got me wondering what this means for teachers:  Is my job on the line if I pick a book or make a comment that...
By: Annie Condron
Say good bye to hugs, high fives and touching in school. (Reminder: a wave or text will suffice as a parting exchange unless you want detention). Schools, like the Portland middle school noted in...
By: Laura Preble
Something sinister is happening to my school, to my school district, and probably to many other schools nationwide. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.   As we study the McCarthy era in my...
By: Matt Amaral
Even though in our current educational climate it might seem unpopular, I’m just going to say it —I am getting tired of hearing about Race and Ethnicity in Education. The reason for this could not be...
By: Matt Amaral
My recent travels abroad have made me question what affect today’s pop music, constantly streaming into kids’ ears through their iPods, is having on our students. While in Argentina, the young man...
By: Laura Preble
In the time when smart phones with a trillion apps are the norm, students have started treating teachers like TV sets on in the background of their otherwise engaged classroom lives.   About ten...


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