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By: Malcolm Bellamy
With so much emphasis on success and testing in today's school culture, a major lesson is being missed in our classroom: the lesson that experiencing failure is an inevitable step on your way to...
Chicago Teachers Strike
s negotiations began this morning between the Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools, the two sides said they were still confident of reaching an agreement today but were divided on how...
How teachers handle classroom bullies
Bullying in school is a serious, widespread problem. According to the General Assembly's Commission on Children, 25 percent of Connecticut high school students say they have been bullied. But schools...
By: John Davis Jr.
Two main roadblocks to productive learning are students' ability to focus and students' ability to understand their thinking. My experiment in using bell work as a therapeutic exercise for students...
By: Lisa Mims
If administrators start replacing teachers with computers to save money, I can't help but wonder what the true cost of this "educational evolution" might be.  As I listened to my favorite radio...
By: John Turano
I had a conversation recently with a colleague of mine who asked one of her AP Biology students why they didn't seem to care about passing the class. The surprising response is an indictment of what...
By: Dr. D.L. Frazier
A computer for every student in school sounds like the ideal educational system. The possibilities for educational exploration would be endless. However, implementing this type of learning...
By: Meghan Mathis
Watching events unfold in Wisconsin over the past few weeks has left me feeling both uncomfortable and confused.  As I watched my fellow educators fighting on the steps of the capitol in Madison, I...
By: Patricia Hawke
 In Colorado, Maine, Alaska and other districts throughout the country, schools are saying goodbye to traditional grade levels. The traditional way of students moving up a grade as the kids get older...


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