Moving Up the Payscale - How can we make it easier?

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 Moving Up the Payscale - How can we make it easier?We all want to move up the pay scale, which usually means getting your Masters or taking more classes. 

When the real Teachhub site launches, we want to make it as convenient and affordable to do that as possible by arranging discounts and getting recommendations from teachers.

Online classes and degree programs are super convenient, but there is so much crap out there that it's hard to know what's good and what's not. To figure that out, we need your help. What is imporant to you? Is it price or quality or convenience or do you just want it to be as easy as possible?

Once we know what's great and what you want, we can hopefully arrange BIG cuts in tuition for teachers.

Weigh in on the online masters debate! Please leave your thoughts, opinions and recommendations in the Comments section.

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