This is a lesson that would consume more than a typical class time. There are some very engaging activities in this lesson that would allow students to actually use maps in a real-world setting. It also involves an activity that would require some help from parents. Prior to these activities, each student should have brought in a “map” of the basic layout of the student’s room including four walls, doors, and windows only. This map should be created by the student with a parent with paper sent by the teacher in order to standardize the size and scale of the map. It would also be beneficial for parents to send in a photo of the student’s room as well. Also, prior to this lesson the teacher should have either obtained a map of the school or have done a rough sketch and labeled it with the rooms of the school. If your school is very large, you can focus on only one area or wing.

Learning Objectives

The learner will recognize that a map shows a real-world place and can help you know how to find your way to a specific place.

For the full lesson plan, download the PDF.