Begin by introducing the vocabulary words for this unit. I always put these in a PowerPoint and put a picture with each word to demonstrate meaning. This tends to help students retain the new information. I also give a brief, kid-friendly definition like the ones below. Keep in mind, these are definitions for first grade. However, you can use this as a basis and use more complex definitions as you progress through the unit. 

  • meadow – flat land that is covered with grass
  • journey – to travel to a distant place
  • metamorphosis – a great change in appearance
  • chrysalis – the hardened protective case made by and enclosing a moth or butterfly pupa
  • molt – to shed outer layer (like feathers or skin) that will be replaced by a new growth

Learning Objectives

  • The learner can understand and use grade-level appropriate vocabulary words.
  • The learner will make inferences based on grade-level appropriate texts.


For the full lesson plan, download the PDF.