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If Teachers Were Treated Like Celebrities...

Lisa Mims


If Teachers Were Treated Like Celebrities...Can you imagine what it would be like if teachers were treated like actors, athletes, and singers or even reality TV “stars"?


A teacher's life would be so different...

Meet the Famous Mrs. Smith

"Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Smith, can I get your autograph?”

She turns and smiles at the young woman running towards her.

“Mrs.Smith”, she gasps, "I have been following your career for years!  I’m about to start teaching myself."

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She hands Mrs.Smith a copy of her book.


“Are you ready for it, young lady?" she asks. “This is a difficult job.”

“I know it is, but I’ve been reading your books, watching your videos, and I know I’m ready!”

“Good luck,” she says as she hands her the signed paper. “Take care.”

She and her husband go into the restaurant and are seated at the best table. The hostess smiles and thanks Mrs.Smith for teaching his son when she taught at Tower Hill.  After dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Smith get into their Mercedes and drive home to their ten bedroom home in the suburbs.  They enter their home and stop to pick up one of the cameras left by the crew from MTV Cribs-Teachers.

She sighs, grabs some tea, and sits down to mark papers.  The phone rings and it’s her assistant teacher, Marjorie.

"Mrs. Smith,  Oprah wants another interview.  She’s doing another special on teachers.  It’s called “Teachers are Special!”  She’s going to give away stuff to every school where the teachers in the audience work!  Oh, and you also have an offer to teach at Tower Hill or Compton High next year. What should I tell them?”

“Call Compton High, I’ll take the assignment there.  I want to be somewhere where I’ll make a huge difference.”


She hangs up and the phone rings again.

“Oh my gosh, Mrs.Smith, you’ve  been nominated for a Thackeray!” (Named after Sidney Poitier’s character in , To Sir, With Love)/


“A Thackeray?! Are you kidding? Oh my gosh, I’ve always dreamed!  What category?”


"Best Lesson Taught During an Unannounced Observation.”


Teacher Red Carpet Treatment

As teachers walk down the red carpet, former students and teachers scream their names. Reporters rush up to interview each teacher as they stride down the carpet.

“Mrs.Smith, what are you wearing?”


She just waves and states, “This is not about me, it’s about all those kids I’ve helped!”


"And the winner of the 'Best Lesson Taught During an Unannounced Observation' is… MRS. SMITH!”


She runs on the stage.

“First, I’d like to thank God.  Next, I want to thank all those students who gave me the opportunity to teach.  I’d also like to thank my mentor teacher, Mr.Wilson.  He made me the teacher I am today!  And most of all, my Mom, who gave me the chance to go to college and become what I am today, a teacher!”

The applause fills the room and everyone stands, chanting: “Teachers, teachers, teachers!”

If only teachers were revered, respected, and paid as much as actors,athletes,etc…

How do you think a teacher's life would be if they were treated like celebrities? Share with us!

Reprinted with permission of the author, Lisa Mims. Lisa is a 26-year teaching veteran and writer of the Diary of a Public School Teacher blog.

Photo Credit: Flickr photo taken by Dinis Correia