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Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?

Annie Condron

Hey Girl TeachersHey girl, Ryan Gosling is here to motivate you through those tough days of teaching...

If you're a teacher on Pinterest, you've probably noticed that everyone is going pin-crazy over the teacher "Hey Girl" series. These are basically pictures of hot stars "saying" encouraging statements about awesome educators.

While there are a few Matt Damons and Justin Timberlake's floating around, Ryan Gosling is ruling the "Hey Girl" teacher scene. You can't like a pinteresting teacher blog without Ryan clogging your feed saying things like: "Hey girl, I like my women how like I like my bulletin boards - bright, engaging and well informed."

This trend may be completely silly, but admit it, it's fun, clever and just plain motivational. And don't we all need a little motivation these days.

Sidenote: A range or celebrities, both male and female, also make the "Hey Girl" rounds, so there's some fun for non-Gosling fans.

To Ryan Gosling & the rest of the "Hey Girl" tributes: Thanks for lending yourselves, however unwittingly, as backgrounds to our teacher celebrations. We don't want to put words in your mouth... oh wait, that's exactly what we want to do. Especially if those words are "Hey Teacher, you're amazing at [insert clever teacher tendency here]."

Here are a few of my favorite Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" teacher pins.

Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?



Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?


Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?



Created by Heather Schuster at

Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?

Source: via Annie on Pinterest


Ryan Gosling: Teacher Motivation Poster Boy?


Find more "Hey Girl" teacher pins on the TeachHUB Pinterest Board.


What do you think about the "Hey Girl" teacher series and Ryan Gosling as the poster boy for teacher motivation? Share in the comments section!

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