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Glossopedia: Safe Online Research for Students

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In this digital age, kids are getting on the computers to play and learn every day. Teachers can tap into this online interest as a teaching tool to jumpstart research skills at a young age with the help of Globio's Glossopedia!

This site is designed especially with the young learner in mind with its age-appropriate content and emphasis on visual and auditory learning.

Glossopedia is the kind of site that you can leave open for students to explore and find a fast fact of the day, find their favorite image, or video! My favorite is the snowflake video, but there are an array of visual categories perfect for beginning readers to search.

Glossopedia Categories

  • Geography and Places
  • Nature and the Environment
  • Technology
  • Animals
  • Earth and Space
  • People and Cultures
  • Human Body
  • Chemistry
  • Natural Forces

This site is simple and visually pleasing. The font size is great for young learners. Words are hyperlinked to an audio pronunciation that is a real person, speaking really slowly at first then more quickly, and finally the written meaning of the word. Images and photos have a print button prominently displayed.

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Glossopedia: Safe Online Research for Students

The site also has a safety feature, warning students before they finish clicking on a link that they are leaving the safe site. 

Educator Resources
Teachers can also tap into the free newsletter adults, the educators' guide to Glossopedia and Learning Activity Guides (LAGs) on featured topics to make the most of this online educational resource. The LAGs actually provide pretty comprehensive lessons, including vocab, activities, reading materials, links for additional resources and a standards guide.

Glossopedia: Safe Online Research for Students

I encourage you to check out Globio and Glossopedia, not only for your students, but for the wealth of information for yourself. 

Additional Resources for Adults

How do you teach online research in your classroom? Share in the comments section!