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Get Lost in Your Lesson Plans

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Get Lost in Your Lesson Plans

Lost is back and ready to bring some island mystery to your classroom! 

In honor of the long-awaited last season of the hugely popular show, here are some Lost-inspired lesson ideas across grade levels and subjects. 

Since Lost watchers are so passionate about the show, it seems like a fun way to teach a lesson that includes watching an episode in class (yay!), offering some extra credit to older students, or just using the get some thinking-outside-the-box lessons.  

Lost-inspired lessons for younger students:

- Pretend you landed on a deserted island. Imagine all the places you find when you explore the island.

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Here are some ways you can bring 9/11 into your classroom space constructively.
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  • Are there caves, palm trees, rivers, or anything else on the island?
  • What animals and plants do you find as you explore?
  • Do they live in specific areas? (By water or food, maybe?)
  • Draw a map of the island so you remember where everything is.
  • Name your island and some of the different areas.

- If you were stranded on an island, what two people would you want to be with? Why?

- Lost numbers (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) in Math problems

- Past/Present/Future chart using verbs from the island (survive, run, hunt, fish, explore, crash, travel, fly, swim, etc).

- Transportation: People have gotten to the island by plane, boat, submarine, and helicopter. Draw and label each of these, along with any other form of transportation you can think of.


Lost-inspired Lessons for older students:


Language Arts/English

Understanding Setting and Time
Like any piece of fiction, Lost includes characters, plot, rising and falling action, etc, but the major literary devices that stand out in the show are SETTING and TIME.

The “island” truly merges the concept of setting and character. It is as close to a living, breathing character that you'll find in a place.

  • Where is the island?
  • Describe the island.
  • What characteristics make the island special?
  • How does the island affect the characters’ actions?


Past, present and future tense have never been so clear or so murky than in this fictional world. Watch an episode, and track what happens in the past, present and future on a chart.
~ Choosing one plotline that appears in more than one category, describe how the actions that take place during different times affect the characters’ present or future actions/behavior.


Social Studies/History
Mapping the island’s history


  • Who are the different groups and/or individuals who have inhabited the island?
  • When did each group/individual arrive on the island (compared to the other groups)?
  • Using that information, create a timeline the tracks the arrival and departure of the island dwellers?

Geography – On an unlabeled map, locate all the places where Lost takes place.


  • LA – Plane destination
  • Sidney, Australia – Plane departure point
  • Korea – Jin and Sun’s home
  • Iraq – Sayid’s home
  • Oxford, England – Daniel Faraday’s home
  • Scotland – Desmond’s home
  • Mystery island?

Math and Science Lesson Starters

Honestly, math and science aren't my strongest subjets, so here are a few starter ideas for you to take all the way. OR please share your Lost-inspired lessons in the comments section.


Physics of time and space?


Survival Skills
Supplies on hand: Rope, knife, wood, coconut trees, sand, rocks, a net, tarps, etc.
~How can you use these materials to survive a day on a deserted island? (Consider simple machines or tools that can help you get food and shelter).


Magnetism – Magnetic energy seems to be behind the “magic” of the island’s healing power and the island’s time/space strangeness. It even explains the numbers.
~ In the real world, what can magnets do?


- Playing with patterns and mystery numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
- Sequencing and meaning to numbers
- Word problems with flight times
- Trajectory of falling plane, slope and equations to track dissent


Do you use any TV or movie-themed lessons? Please share in the comments section!