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Top 12 Educational Music Videos

Patty Murray


The combination of music and videos can be a powerful tool to introduce, reinforce, and review key concepts in education. If you have internet access in your classroom, incorporating educational music videos can be an easy, fun learning resource that engages students.

From parodies of today’s hits, flashmobs, and original songs, here is a list of the top 12 educational music videos.


Warning: Some songs are super catchy. Be prepared to have them stuck in your head all day!

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Teach Me How to Study

Some students need a little motivation when it comes to studying.  A school in Texas created this video to do just that.  One of the most recent pop culture music videos taught students how to 'dougie', which is a particular dance. Instead of learning how to dougie, this video teaches students how to STUDY! 


Notes, highlighters, good study habits, a positive attitude and more are all mentioned as key concepts within the video.  It can be a great resource to turn to when encouraging students to prepare for tests, quizzes, and exams.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosU.S. States and Capitals Song

Memorizing 50 states and capitals can seem like an impossible task for young students.  Adding music to memorization can make this learning task less intimidating and more fun. 


The Animaniacs cartoon series put together a music video that can act as a resource when teaching the states and capitals to students.  If you play this song over and over, students are bound to catch on and they will be listing the states and capitals without even realizing it.  Plus, who doesn’t love learning valuable lessons from cartoon characters?


Gotta Keep Reading

Flashmobs and literature, what do they have in common? This video! Ocoee Middle School proves that reading is fun with an original song based off The Black Eyed Peas hit “I’ve Got a Feeling.”  Teachers and students stress how reading is power as they dance and sing. 


This video can be used as a motivational tool if you are about to start up a new class reading assignment or project based off a piece of literature.  The excitement about reading is definitely going to rub off on your students. Watching a school complete a flashmob also sends a positive message about school unity.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosConfessions of a Planet

This next song comes from a Flocabulary, a website that turns K-12 content into fun and educational hip hop songs.  This science music video adds energy and fun when reviewing the solar system with your students.


Flocabulary manages to cover the basics about planet earth and the solar system, Newton’s law of inertia, Kepler’s law of gravity, and more all within a three in a half minute music video.  It can be a good resource to turn to when beginning your lesson on the solar system.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosCry Me a Verb 

When learning Spanish, some students get wrapped up in verb conjugation.  To help these students out, a few high school shoolers created a video based off of a popular Justin Timberlake song. 


The music video aims to help in memorizing and learning the fundamental concepts of conjugating basic Spanish verbs.  It can be a fun and innovative way to introduce or review the fundamentals of verb conjugation and will also help let students know they are not alone if they struggle understanding this key concept.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosTest Taker Face

State standardized testing-- a scary time for both students and teachers alike.  A California based elementary school decided to add some imagination to standardized testing by creating a song based off of Lady Gaga’s hit, "Poker Face." 


This music video can be used as a great tool to help instill confidence in your students about their test skills and overall knowledge of the material they will be tested on.  When prepping for your next state test or even a big class exam, you can turn to this tune to help your students shake off their nerves.


Elements Song

Learning the table of elements is a necessity in science class.  Everyone has to learn them at some point. A band named “They Might Be Giants” is here to help you eliminate intimidation and add some flare to this science subject through their original song introducing the elements. 


The lyrics and visuals within the video create a great resource for understanding elements as they stand alone as well as the possibilities that exist when certain elements are combined.  It is a great tool when introducing and reviewing the table of elements.



Long Division Rap Song

Mr. Duey adds music to math with this song and video. Daniel “DJ” Duey combined his love of music and education with this rap song that covers the basics of long division.  He reviews the key concepts of long division and provides examples all while rapping. 


This music video can be used as an introduction tool as well as a review resource.  He can rap about more than just long division, too.  Learn more about his educational music skills by checking out our interview with this math rap superstar.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosWe Didn’t Start the Fire

Who knew Billy Joel was such a history fanatic? This self proclaimed “history nut” released this song in 1989.  Although this song has been ranked one of the worst songs of all time by music moguls, the history behind the lyrics provide a tool for learning about major 20th century events.


Not only does the song list historical events in chronological order, but this video also incorporates real video footage and pictures that corresponds with each event.  It is a great visual resource for history lessons.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosCall Me Shakespeare

Along with giving planet earth a voice, Flocabulary managed to turn Shakespeare into a great hip hop artist. The Call Me Shakespeare video provides an introduction of characters and the plot overview for Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing


This music video is a great introduction to the play and can used for lessons on Shakespeare and any of his work that is part of your curriculum.  It puts a modern twist to Shakespeare’s work, which can help students related to it better.


Top 12 Educational Music VideosBefore He Cheats

Want to stress to your students that cheating is unacceptable? Show them this video and they’ll know not to try and pull any fast ones past you!  This teacher parody on Carrie Underwood’s hit “Before He Cheats” sends students the message that if you cheat on a test or homework assignment, you will get caught. 


This video can also be used as a fun introduction on a not so fun topic--plagiarism.  Teachers can play this video when reviewing the class rules on cheating, plagarism and before a big research paper or project is due.


 Gettin’ Triggy Wit It

Students from Westerville South High School created this awesome parody off of Will Smith’s hit song “Getting’Jiggy Wit It.” They wanted to add an element of fun to the sometimes challenging subject of trigonometry, and they definitely succeeded.


Students and teachers joined forces to dance and sing about trigonometry basics to help students understand and remember trig concepts. It is great resource as an introduction and review for trigonometry.


How do you incorporate educational music videos into your curriculum? Share in the comments section!


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