Earth Day Video Writing Prompts

Polar Bear Wakes Up to Surprise

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K-2: Morning Emotions

Imagine all the feelings you would have if you woke up to find a huge building in your backyard. Write down each feeling and then draw a picture showing how your face would look.

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3-5: Environmental Expedition

Imagine that you are an explorer charting unknown territories around the world. Name what kind of environment you are exploring (jungles, deserts, glaciers, etc) and write down at least find things (animals, kinds of wildlife, etc) you would expect to find there.  Then, write 5 man-made things you would NOT expect to find there.

6-8: Animals Adapt

The polar bear and her cub left Spy Island because of the new oil rig. Brainstorm at least 5 other ways animals have had to adapt because of humans.

9-12: Man vs. Nature

This video is an example of how man has profound effects on nature and animal habitats. Do you think that people should be able to drill on untouched land such as Spy Island, where animals such as this polar bear live and breed? Why or why not? Write a 3-5 paragraph persuasive essay expressing your argument.

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Earth Day Lesson Plans 




Explore Water

explore Water by explore

K-2: Illustrating Water

What are different ways you use water everyday? Draw a picture to illustrate one way.

3-5: Water Logging

Think about how you use water everyday. Log or list all the times you use water in a single day. Based on that list, describe three ways you can conserve, or save, water on a daily basis.

6-8: Water Lifestyle Journal

Water has a tremendous impact on the lives of individuals and society in each country. Pretend you are one of these people:  a woman walking 2 miles to get water twice a day; the architect designing China's damn; or a fisherman dealing with the hyacinth killing underwater life.

Write a journal passage sharing their experience from one day in their lives. Be descriptive!

9-12: International Water Policies

How involved should America be in solving international water problems? Explain the political and moral implications of your decision.

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