How well did college prepare you for your teaching career?
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My first career was retail management, my second career was as a ballroom dance teacher with Fred Astaire Studios, teaching high school social studies is my third career. I learned more about classroom management from retail sales management and more about actually teaching from teaching ballroom dance than I ever did from the education courses required for my teacher's certificate.

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I had a degree to work as a radio-tv-film producer. By my first month I had figured that about 10% of what I had actually learned would be useful in that career. Unfortunately, when it came to teaching, pretty much the same came to be.

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The only real preparation I received was student teaching under two outstanding educators. The education courses were a waste of time and money. Personally, I think it'd be better to require prospective educators to have an actual bachelors degree in their fields, with the education courses as a minor and student teaching as a fifth-year course.

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I think the the university should give me a refund for my money spent there. I learned how to be a teacher from my students and co-workers.

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My school did what it could to make me as prepared as possible - of course, you learn a TON of tips and tricks on the job but I feel I have a solid background in lesson planning, special education, general education and "the basics". Additionally, I feel very prepared in my subject area because I received a bachelor's in physics and didn't do my teaching program until my master's degree program; this makes me extremely comfortable with my content which is half the battle sometimes!

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So many teachers leave within 5 years because the system is so stacked in favor of tenured teachers. Too many good young teachers are squeezed out by an antiquated system that favors length of service over good teaching.
We need to retain good teachers and remove the bad ones irrespective of experience.

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It prepared me for the content and classroom mangement but not really for the everyday stuff that we have to do as teachers.

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