The end of school year is finally upon us, and with the majority of schools still be closed, parents and teachers are looking for a fun way to wrap up the school year. It’s been a long few months in quarantine, and everyone is going a little stir-crazy. I can’t think of a better way to end the school year than to carry on the tradition of a field day. You can easily adapt the most popular field day games so parents can do them at home with their children. Whether students are five years old or 15 years old, a field day is a great way to have some fun outdoors. Give your students a well-deserved break from schoolwork and share these fun field day ideas.

Tug of War

Tug of War is as traditional of a field day game as it gets. To make this field day game an at-home success, you must split up the family into two teams, grab a rope or jump rope, and get tugging. Make sure that you draw a line with chalk or use something to mark where to pull over from if you are playing on the grass. The first team to pull the other team across the line wins!

Water Balloon Toss

Balloon toss is another popular game that can easily be turned into an at-home field day game. However, preparation is the key because you want to make sure that you don’t run out of water balloons. Once your balloons are filled and you think you have enough to play a few rounds, pair up with a partner and begin tossing your water balloon to them. The key to winning this game is to successfully catch the balloon. If you catch it, then you must take a step backward. The game continues until only one pair’s balloon remains intact.

Car Wash Sponge Relay

Do you need your car washed? This relay game can make that happen. Participants must take turns soaking a sponge in water that is in a bucket, then wringing it out on a car—the first team to have their bucketed empty wins. Not only is this at-home field day game a blast, but it also gets your car clean!

Dress-up Relay

One of my favorite memories of my children’s in-school field day activity was when they got to participate in the ‘dress-up like a clown’ relay race. For this at-home game, players must stand in a relay line and then take turns running down a track to dress a mannequin (or another human) one piece of clothing at a time. The first team to have the mannequin fully dressed in the shortest amount of time wins.

Pool Noodle Toss

For this at-home game, all you will need is a few pool noodles, empty toilet paper tubes, and some duct tape. To make a ring out of a pool noodle, place one end of the pool noodle into the toilet paper holder, followed by the other end of the pool noodle, then secure it with duct tape. Next, tape a few of the rings together to make a target and assign each ring an amount of points (red ring = 5 points, blue ring = 1- points). Here is an example of what it should look like. Next, have players throw a regular long pool noodle into the rings. The person with the highest amount of points wins the game.

Obstacle Course

One of the most enjoyable field day activities for kids is an obstacle course. The great thing about an obstacle course at home is that you can take all your child’s favorite games and put them together into one fun activity to end your at-home field day. Here are a few ideas on what activities you can add to your obstacle course.

  • Stack the cups – This is where each participant must stack a set of cups, and the first to stack them the quickest can move on to the next event.
  • Carry the egg – This is where each person must carry an egg on a spoon to a designated spot without dropping the egg.
  • Bean bag toss – Players must toss the bean bags into a bucket or basket and get them all in before moving to the next game.
  • Balloon stomp – This is where players must use their feet to stomp on balloons; the first to smash them all moves on to the next course.
  • Hula-hoop – Players must maneuver through a bunch of hula-hoops that are placed on the lawn.
  • Frisbee throw – Players must throw a frisbee through a hula-hoop and then in a bucket in order to move on.
  • Pool noodle relay – Players must place a pool noodle in between their legs and race to the finish line. The first one across with the noodle still placed in between their legs wins the obstacle course.

Any popular field day game can be adapted and played at home. Be creative and let your imagination run wild. Happy end of the school year to you all!