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Teaching Strategies: Become an Educational Video Expert

Ed Tech Made Easy

Have you ever considered becoming a videographer? Well, with a Flip video camera you can shoot, edit, produce and publish all in one afternoon.

Normally, I won't endorse a product that you have to purchase, but I am making an exception with the Flip Video. This little camera is just the perfect tool for so many teaching strategies that the payback, as they say in the commercial, is priceless.

I got my first Flip from some teacher friends for my birthday, and it was viral. There are about a half dozen of us who celebrate in about 6 weeks, so each week we all chipped in and purchased a Flip for the birthday person. Then we started sharing how to use the Flip and each one of us had our own purpose. Purpose is one of the most important criteria when learning something new for your classroom, for your instructional practice or your own professional development.

Now, each of these activities could be done with a traditional camera. The

Flip just makes it much easier to upload, edit and share your videos. 

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Casual Videos

The first things I videoed were nature walks, wild flowers, mushrooms and Mount Washington, home to some of the most severe weather in the world. These were my practice videos. I learned about sunlight, closeups and wind! If you are using your Flip outside and you plan on recording audio with your video, make sure you keep the microphone out of the wind.

Classroom Activities

Then, I began using my Flip when I wanted to record something that was happening in classes. It was so easy to pull the flip out of my laptop bag, no power cables, no blank tapes to find, just make sure you have 2 double A batteries in reserve. I was able to record some public service announcements with my students around Internet Safety. As one of the features of the Flip, there is an automatic posting button that you select and if you have a YouTube account, you can instantly publish right to YouTube!

Behavior Management

After sharing the Flip video with a special educator remarkable things began to happen. The special educator began using the Flip with autistic students. The video documented student growth in math skills and behavior.  The students began to make changes in their behavior after viewing the video clips with their teacher. The special educator was able to send the video clips through email to the parents. It is all part of the Flip video software that comes with the camera for free.

RTI Video Library

Another teacher use of the Flip has allowed us to build a video library! Many of us across the United States are working on developing strategies for Response to Intervention, RTI. Once the staff wrote up their strategies, I recommended that they use the Flip and record the strategy in order that we could post it and share with others. This has added value to our intervention strategies. We all know how a picture is worth a thousand words; well for busy educators, these videos will streamline the process of finding strategies that our peers use and recommend.

Stellar Student Projects

However, my favorite Flip project for the year is a project our language arts teachers came up with. Our eighth graders memorized a poem, then selected a place to film their recording and reflection. Within two days, we were able to film and post 100 videos of our students. You can see an example of our YouTube channel and our poetry recordings.

Get yourself a Flip, find a small group to work with and embed the video into your instruction, reflections and assessments!

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