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Back to School:'s Ultimate Prep Guide

The daylight is already getting shorter, the temperatures are cooling off, and teachers everywhere are checking the calendar to count how many days—or hours—are left in their summer vacations.

You’ve got so much to do, with very little time to do it! Where do you begin with your back to school preparations?

Relax a little— is there for you with our helpful guide to make your return to the classroom a little easier. We know you’re anxious—everyone is, especially your students—but with our blueprint for success, your frayed nerves can be calmed just a bit.

Week 1:

In this first week, we acknowledge the importance of electronic communication in today’s classroom with a series of how-to videos on the basics of creating blogs as well as a cool do-it-yourself guide to making your bulletin boards pop. As a bonus, we also created a pre-planning checklist (in PDF format) that even the most seasoned academic veterans will find helpful.

Create a Blog

One of the best ways to explain what’s really going on in your classroom to parents, students, and peers is by creating a blog. They offer a convenient way for educators to communicate with a diverse audience.  

Games, Icebreaker Activities

Here are a few getting-to-know-you, first day of school activities and back to school games that will help you break the ice and create a comfortable atmosphere.


DIY Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are an appealing way to display student work, they can serve as a means to educate, and provide an easy reference for classroom assignments or a daily calendar.


Our Pre-Planning Checklist

Just the thought of preparing your classroom for the new school year can be overwhelming. To help alleviate some of this tension, keep track of all of your classroom responsibilities and essential tasks ahead of time with our back to school checklist.

Week 2:

In this second week, we urge you to take a more introspective look at your teaching. You’ll find a helpful Q&A session with Myree Conway addressing some of your latest concerns as well as a set of eight metaphors to help you understand teaching’s many facets. After that, you can measure yourself against the nine telltale signs of a great educator as well as take a quick quiz to measure just how ready you are for back to school today.

Q and A with Veteran Teacher Myree Conway

I may not have all the answers, but brainstorming aloud often results in at least a workable solution. Below are questions I have recently been asked. Although every classroom, teacher, and student is different, I hope this is helpful.  

8 Metaphors for a Teacher

It’s difficult to define what exactly we do as teachers. Sometimes, instead of trying to describe what we do, it’s a little easier to draw parallels with another career.


Telltale Signs of a Good Educator

Teachers are relentlessly self-evaluative. Nearly each day we leave our schools asking, “Did my teaching strategies make a difference today?” or “Did I waste students’ time?” Take a look at these effective teaching strategies to see which describe you best.  

Our Teacher Quiz

As the sun begins to set on summer break, teachers and students need to get back into the school year swing.  Are you ready to go back to school? Take this quiz to find out.


Week 3:

For many of us, this week is our first back in the classroom. As a result, we've got the resources you need to make the best first impression possible. Explore some unforgettable first day activities, night-before dos and don'ts, and dissect what students really want to know about going back to school. As a bonus, we've included a list of six essential TeachHUB podcasts to get you revved up for the first week. Happy Teaching!

6 Essential Podcasts to Kick Off Your Year Right

New ideas can refresh your outlook, stimulate your classroom management and transform your teaching style. View these multimedia podcasts to gain some different classroom perspectives, learn about some new academic concepts, enrich your curriculum, and energize your students. 

1st Day of School Activities Students Love

The first day of school will be here before you know it. Most teachers face the big day with enthusiasm, but they dread the inevitable challenge: what to do on the first day of school.


Back to School Night - Dos and Don'ts

Back to School night can be very nerve-wracking. What expectations are the parents bringing to our first meeting? What do I need to share with them to make them allies instead of adversaries? Are there things I should definitely do? Are there things I should absolutely not do at this year’s back-to-school night?


What Students Really Want to Know Upon the Return to School

The first days back to school give you an opportunity to demonstrate the expectations in a number of ways.

Week 4:

By now you’ve settled in to your classroom, and you’re busy establishing routines, getting to know your students, and figuring out the rhythm of your own teaching strategies. But it’s never too late to discover new ideas to help you on your academic journey this year. Here are some thought-provoking tools that will enhance your class.

3 Essential Ed-Tech Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way for educators to learn about the cutting edge of academia -- on their own time. Here are three excellent ones that bridge the gap between education and technology.


Where is the Rigor in Educational Technology?

Social Networking in Classrooms for Teaching & Learning

Ed Tech in the 21st Century and CCSS

Technology in the Classroom: What Happens When It Fails?

It’s very difficult to overcome some of the struggles at the digital threshold in school. There are too many moving parts, and too many circuits and algorithms and scripts and wires shoved under a desk to expect it to go right all the time (or even most of the time).

Our Top Apps to Enrich Your Class This Year

TeachHUB magazine and’s updated list of the hottest ipad apps for teachers and iPad apps for education, destined to forever alter your curriculum landscape, are organized here by subject.

Educational Apps: 4 for Keeping Parents in the Loop

These days, parent-teacher communication is key to a successful academic trajectory -- it’s essential that teachers keep mom and dad in the loop, almost at all times. 


Week 4:

Cultivating a Love for School - Our "How-To" Guides by Subject

When students enjoy their schoolwork, it’s a lot easier to be an effective instructor – the joy radiates back and forth between students and the teachers, thereby creating a pipeline of classroom fun that can positively affect the entire school.

How to Collaborate More Effectively With Parents

How to Motivate Students to Love Homework

How to Motivate Students to Love Art 

How to Motivate Students to Love Social Studies             

How to Motivate Students to Love Science    

How to Motivate Students to Love Math         

How to Motivate Students to Love Reading

50 Movies Teachers Can Show Their Class

Films enrich the classroom experience. A good movie can illustrate the power of the individual (“All the President’s Men”) or illuminate the importance of a justice (“To Kill a Mockingbird”). Here’s an infographic depicting our list of 50 great movies that can enhance your teaching, and a sample permission slip for you to use to make sure parents are aware of what is being shown.

Film Permission Slip (PDF)'s Top 55 Educational Movie Picks (PDF)


A Beginner's Guide to Gamification

The word “gamification” had made its way through both corporate culture and the education world, but what exactly is gamification and does it really work? Some teachers are are using video games themselves in classrooms to help teach, and their students are reaping the educational benefits. Here's our in-depth overview.

Using Gamification as a Teaching Strategy

Implementing Game Mechanics as Classroom Activities

5 Ways to Learn Outside the Textbook

Keeping students engaged without using a textbook takes a great deal of creativity and out of the box thinking (not to mention extra time and money). But the rewards are outstanding. Using the following techniques to teach beyond books.


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