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Back to School Prep Guide: Our Teacher Quiz

Back to School Teacher Quiz

Back to School:’s Ultimate 5-Week Prep Guide is your go-to resource for making sure that your return to the classroom is successful.

As the sun begins to set on summer break, teachers and students need to get back into the school year swing.  It can be a rough transition from summer to a full-time school schedule if you don’t prepare yourself.

Are you ready to go back to school? Take this quiz to find out:

When you go to Target, how do you spend most of your time?

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A. Scoping out clearance flip flops & summer wear
B. Game planning your Back to School buys
C. Regretting June’s laminator purchase b/c it’s on sale now!

What show do you watch before bed?

A. Lucky to make it to the evening news
B. Late night talk shows
C. Infomercials & reality show reruns

Lately, you find yourself pinning mostly what on Pinterest?

A. Dream vacation destinations
B. Cool décor for both your house and classroom
C. Awesome first day activities to use with your new students

When was the last time you checked your work email?

A. Hmmm….. June
B. This week
C. About 5 minutes ago (and again in an hour… )

What was on the cover of the last book you read?

A. Dangling feet, a lawyer’s briefcase or food
B. A Classroom scene, historical figure or picture related to your subject
C. No picture – just a complex, academic title on a drab background

What was your latest project?

A. Does my tan count?
B. Starting to organize teacher binders for the fall
C. Putting the finishing touches on next year’s curriculum

What time is your alarm set to wake you up each morning? 

A. What alarm? It’s summer break!
B. 8:00 AM but hit snooze no less than 5 times
C. 5:30 AM, I like to stay in the same sleep routine no matter what my schedule is.

Your latest Google search history reads…

A. Last minute vacation ideas
B. Teacher back to school discounts
C. Advanced techniques to integrating Common Core across the curriculum

Mostly A’s - Soaking Up Summer

You know how to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment from your summer vacation. That rest and mental break from school will serve you well as you return fresh and rejuvenated to the classroom grind.

To avoid Back to School shock, be sure to take a few weeks to dip your toe back in the water. Even if it is just a few hours here and there (or slowly setting that alarm clock back to the early hours), it’ll help you transition more smoothly to the everyday demands of teaching.

Mostly B’s - Easing Into the School Year

Your attitude is the perfect blend of preparation and respite. While you’re taking on small projects to get ready (and excited!) for the year ahead, you’re not wishing your break away.

Share your balanced attitude with your fellow teachers. Perhaps you could suggest a classroom cleaning/organization outing followed by a fun lunch. It’ll be a great opportunity to rekindle work friendships and get everyone on the same page to kick off the 12/13 school year.

Mostly C's - Itching for September

You need a cape to complete your “Super Teacher” garb because you eat, breath and live teaching. Summer is a time to research, engage your PLN and gameplan amazing innovation for next year’s students.

While you’re ultra-ready for the school year, it is also crucial to take some time for yourself. Remember: Teaching is a marathon, not a sprint. Use these last days of summer to carbo-load (figuratively of course) for the year ahead with some rest and relaxation.

Share your Back to School preparedness level and teacher tips in the comments section!

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