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Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs

Patty Murray


In honor of summer, we want to share some awesome teacher bloggers that you should catch up on over break.


Here is a list of 26 awesome teacher blogs to check out divided by grade, subject or specialty:

2011 Edublog Award Winners

Each year, the Edublog Awards honor and recognize great education bloggers that provide outstanding resources to the education community.


The following are a few of the most recent winners:


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Best Ed Tech / Resource Blog

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Free Technology for Teachers: For those teachers on the lookout for free technology lessons and resources, visiting this blog is like winning the jackpot.  As the winner of the Best Ed Tech Blog, educator Richard Byrne shares posts that are filled with awesome resources for teachers. 


He introduces the education community to teaching related websites and provides reviews on each.  This blog is definitely worth visiting, even for those who feel technology-impaired.


[TeachHUB Recommends: Get more in-depth ed tech training at your next in-service day.]

Best New Blog

Teachnology with Intention: The winner of the Best New Blog centers his blog on a topic that is continuously growing: technology and education. This blog features many resources on education technology, along with insight into his personal education philosophy.


Best School Administration Blog

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs

A Principal's Reflection: Principal Eric Sheninger's blog took home the title of Best School Administration Blog.  Through this blog, Eric shares his views on several topics including educational leadership, technology integration, best practices and more.


Best Teacher Blog

Brunswick Acres Art: Suzanne Tiedemann is the recipient of the Best Teacher Blog of 2011.  As a Pre K- 5th grade art teacher, Suzanne shares engaging online art resources, art app recommendations and more.  


View a list of all 2011 Edublog Winners

Kindergarten Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Sharing Kindergarten: Created by a seven year kindergarten veteran, this kindergarten blog is full of awesome suggestions and great classroom freebies.  It is always updated so visitors can find fresh ideas to use in their classroom. There is also a section dedicated to suggested apps for the classroom.


Joy of Kindergarten: Winner of multiple blogging awards, the Joy of Kindergarten blog was created by a veteran teacher full of imagination and spunk.  With ten years of experience in a kindergarten classroom, this blogger shares her current classroom activities and projects while supplying great visuals to inspire you to try the activities as well.


View a list of more Kindergarten blogs

First Grade Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs The Lesson Plan Diva: This self proclaimed diva is an energetic educator who loves sharing her teaching resources.  Her blog is filled with freebies that are ready for instant download, along with resources that are available for purchase.  She is constantly sharing information on freebies, classroom projects and more.


Finally in First: Created by enthusiastic educator Jenn Bates, the Finally in First blog is full of creative activities perfect for first grade.  She posts awesome visuals that display current activities that are happening in her classroom.  She offers many classroom freebies as well as suggested activities that can be found on her Teachers Pay Teachers page.


View a list of more First Grade blogs

Second Grade Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Luckyfrogs Lilypad: This blog is a perfect resource to turn to when looking for activities to try in your second grade classroom.  Blogger Jenny shares fun activities she's done in her classroom and gives step-by-step instruction for the activity. There is usually a picture from her classroom that goes along with each step.  She also shares classroom organization tips and more.


Spend a Day in Second Grade:  Upon visiting this blog, it is clear that Mrs. Prince is a very passionate educator.  Her blog is filled with suggested classroom activities and pictures of projects that are happening in her own classroom.  Her activities are engaging and fun, and she offers many freebies.


View a list of more Second Grade blogs


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Third Grade Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs 3rd Grade Gridiron: Winner of several blog awards, the 3rd Grade Gridiron blog is full of awesome classroom resources.  Besides providing a list of printable freebies, this blogger shares activities she has completed in her classroom, along with pictures and details of how she implemented the activity.  You can even sign up for her newsletter to get her resources sent directly to your inbox.


Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher: Educator Amber Polk is an enthusiastic third grade teacher that loves sharing her classroom creativity and teaching resources with fellow educators. You can find awesome math and reading freebies on her website as well as pictures of activities straight from her classroom.  Her classroom pictures really show what a creative teacher she is.


View a list of more Third Grade blogs

Fourth Grade Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Fabulous in Fourth: Blogger Kelly Hall rocks it as a fourth grade teacher.  Her blog is full of the awesome projects from her classroom along with awesome finds for teachers. She makes it easy to find material by subject and provides written details along with pictures on activities she has tried in her classroom.  Bonus: If you are a Pinterest fanatic, she shares weekly fabulous finds from Pinterest. 


Beg, Borrow, and Teach: Prepare yourself for tons of freebies!  The theme of this blog is "Creating a Five Star Classroom on a Ramen Budget."  This blogger offers details and links to many freebies. Definitely worth a visit!


View a list of more Fourth Grade blogs

Fifth Grade Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Rundes Room: This is a blog of a teacher in a 5th and 6th grade split classroom. If you are looking for free SMARTboard resources, definitely take a look here. This blogger also lists free math and language resources.


Teaching My Friend: This blog is filled with suggested classroom activities with corresponding pictures as well as classroom tips.  For those of you who are nearing the end of the school year, she has at timely post with tips for packing up a classroom.  Definitely check it out!


View a list of more Fifth Grade blogs

Middle School Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Middle School Survival GuideThis blogger is a middle school math and science teacher for both regular education and special education.  She gives full instructions and shares resources (including downloadable worksheets) for lab experiments that are happening in her classroom.  Besides providing awesome subject matter resources, she also gives great classroom management tips and is eager to collaborate with other teachers.

Making It as a Middle School Teacher: This blog by Michelle Lundy is full of great resources for middle school teachers.  There are free materials available for math, science, social studies, classroom management and more.  She also enjoys featuring other teacher's blogs and any teacher interested in being featured can fill out a blog spotlight request.


View a list of more Middle School blogs

High School Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Science Stuff: This blog is loaded with science resources (can you tell by the name?!)  There are free downloads available along with tips and tricks for those teachers who call the science classroom their home.


The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness: This is a great education technology blog for high school teachers.  Blogger Michael Zimmer shares free web based resources on the four core subjects and more.  Besides providing reviews on ed tech resources, he also showcases interesting education articles he stumbles upon on the web.


Michael also blogs on TeachHUB. Check it out!


View a list of more High School blogs

Ed Tech, SPED & Miscellaneous Blogs

Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Corkboard Connections Blog: Enthusiastic educator Laura Candler is passionate about connecting educators with valuable resources, and it is apparent in this education blog.  Designed specifically for grades 3-6, Corkboard Connections features activities that will actively engage students.


Laura also blogs on TeachHUB. Check it out!


Special Education Strategies And More: Blogger Michelle is a special education teacher and educator for sixteen years.  Her blog is loaded with suggested teaching strategies for fellow teachers and parents of children with special needs.  These suggestions consist of games and skill building strategies that promote both academic as well as social and emotional growth for the student.


Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs The Organized Classroom Blog: This blog provides awesome resources for grades K-12.  Besides providing freebies, blogger Charity Preston also provides classroom organization tips, seating chart strategies and more.  Teachers can sign up to receive her free newsletter.


Charity is a regular contributor to TeachHUB. Check out her articles.


Web20Classroom Blog: Stephen W. Anderson is passionate about ed tech, and it definitely shows in his blog.  He shares awesome ed tech resources that are easy to use in the classroom.  Besides introducing new websites, he also provides tips and tricks for using popular websites, like Twitter and YouTube, as learning tools for the classroom.


Stephen also blogs on TeachHUB. Check it out!


Shoutout to 26 Awesome K-12 Teacher Blogs Learning Ahoy: Blogger Caitlin is a K-2 special education teacher.  Her blog is filled with great lesson ideas and awesome freebies!


Caitlin also blogs on TeachHUB. Check it out!


TeachHUB Education Blog: The TeachHUB Education Blog provides resources for all K-12 educators.  From classroom tips, to quick guides and interviews and excerpts, our blog is here to provide educators with free and accessible teaching resources. You'll also get the latest updates on new resources available on TeachHUB.



What are some of your favorite educational blogs? Share with us in the comments section!

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