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Laura Candler is a passionate educator with over 29 years of classroom experience. She

is the author of over a dozen books for teachers and is the teacher behind the Teaching

Resources website. Laura also enjoys hiking & kayaking in her North Carolina home.

Dry Erase Board Teaching Strategies
Dry erase boards are one of the easiest ways to keep kids engaged in every lesson. In Part I of this article, I shared where to obtain enough boards for all your students and how to use them for...
Classroom Whiteboard
When it comes to active engagement, nothing beats a white board. Not the expensive, high-tech kind – I’m referring to the low-tech white boards that students write on with dry erase...
Cooperative learning can be a powerful tool for energizing a classroom, motivating students, and raising achievement. However, it's not always easy to get kids to work together and stay on task....
Classroom Holiday Activities
Seasonal activities are a great way to actively engage kids in learning, and it’s easier than you might think to create holiday-themed lessons.   In this article I’ll share where to find free...
Dry erase boards are an awesome tool for instruction, but they do require a certain amount of organization and management.   Here are some helpful tips I’ve picked up over the years. In...
Math Anxiety
Students often fear math word problems, and feeling intimidated means they can’t relax and apply what they’ve learned to even the simplest problems. The resulting brain freeze serves to...
Classroom management
I’m excited to become a part of the TeachHUB blogging team! When I was asked to select a theme for my articles, it didn’t take long to settle on “Active Engagement Made Easy....
One of my favorite classroom projects to build class unity is making tie dye t-shirts with my class. Not only does it bring everyone together, but it makes it easy to keep track of kids on field...
Contrary to popular belief, “active engagement” involves more than “hands-on” instruction.   When students are fully engaged in a task, they are actively doing and...
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