Teach on the Edge
Tiffany Della Vedova

Tiffany Della Vedova is a New York City resident who is a dean and online teacher for a

Florida school. She balances face-to-face and digital communication with her school

community through a collection of innovative, cloud-based technologies.

Transforming Digital Natives to Digital Citizens
This real teacher blogger shares how she helped her digital savvy students turn into digital citizens.
Excellence in Education
In this real teacher blog, our Tiffany Della Vedova touches on the importance of excellence in education.
DI for Professional Development
There is no need to explain why teachers should have the same benefit of differentiated learning as students do. Fundamentally, most people agree with the idea, but for some reason the differentiated...
Teaching Digital Citizenship
Some teachers claims that they don't have time to teach digital citizenship. I get it... the Common Core-state tests-AP/IB/SAT/ACT madness eats up so much of our time. Still, there is no excuse for...
Differentiated Instruction
We have all been there...sitting in the classroom of a professional development workshop or in the audience at a conference, listening to someone talk about engaged, student-centered, action-based,...
Pinterest for Teacher
Back in the old days, more or less a few years ago, I would collect shared resources by printing them and filing them into folders for various purposes.   Fast forward a year, and Pinterest tops...
Homework on Breaks
“I’d rather be a comma than a full stop.” ~Coldplay, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall Yes, I want to be a comma in life’s long story. But, we all need to stop sometimes. Even kids. That's why we should...
Online Learning Myths
I spend most of my time teaching online to students in a brick-and-mortar school, so I also spend a great deal of time clarifying what it is and isn’t (or at least, what it can be and shouldn...
"Academic skills are certainly important, but the kind of citizens we produce is the real common core." Agree or disagree?   This real teacher blogger shares Tiffany's views on the debate of...
We frequently hear the expression “standards-based”, but lately I have been pondering the idea of letting the standards lead, quite literally.   In this post, I'll share how I used the standards...


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