Steve Moore, The Optimistic Educator
Steve Moore

Steve Moore is a high school Reading and Writing teacher in Kansas City’s urban core. He is a self-proclaimed edtech geek and a National Writing Project teacher-consultant. 

Inspiring students to learn
Summer may be a fading memory, but Inspiring students to learn is key to a successful classroom.
Optimistic Teacher
If you're not careful, hope can become synonymous with foolishness. Ignoring the facts is never a recipe for success, even if reality seems too dire to face. That doesn't mean hope doesn't have a...
Making Classroom Memories
What is the one thing you remember about elementary school gym class?   Every so often, a day would come when 20-or-so kids would walk into the gym--a place where we usually enjoyed our sack...
The intentions of a teacher, a school, and a community always start with our most fundamental thoughts. If we’re really going to change how school works, we have to start with changing how teachers...
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