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Caitlin Orsborne

Caitlin is a special education teacher for K-2 students. She is also a mom to 2 wonderful little boys and has been happily married for 4 years. She loves to learn from other teachers and share her teaching ideas. Caitlin also has her own blog www.learningahoy.blogspot.com.

improve your teaching skills
Use these ideas to improve your teaching skills this summer.
A Clean Slate: Starting Over Fresh in the New Year
The start of a new year always feels like a chance to try new things and maybe even “start over” with our students. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what is and what isn’t working...
5 Tips for Sight Word Instruction
Our special education expert shares her 5 tips for teaching sight words to students.
How to Make Your Own Assistive Technology Devices
This real teacher blog post from our special education blog offers a few suggestions for making your own assistive technology devices for differentiating instruction in your classroom.
Building Life Skills with Classroom Cooking
Catilin shares her latest strategy to build life skills into her lessons: cooking!   In this post, find out how cooking fits into her curriculum, her favorite recipe and what classroom cooking...
Special Ed Parental Involvement
Parent communication and involvement is extremely important to the success of our students although lack of parent involvement is one of the biggest problems that we face in school.   Being...
Teacher Foldables
Have you ever used a foldable in your classroom? I love them, but recently learned that not every teacher has been introduced to the wonderful world of foldables.     Find out how to...
Teacher Binders and organization
Here are my latest teacher binder tips, contents and resources to stay organized.   One of my favorite parts of my binder is my pens and sticky notes.  I put Velcro in the inside of my...
Teaching with Music
This time of year, all of the kids (big and small) are so excited that I have to make sure I include a lot of interactive learning which always includes music.    I use music daily in my...
Teacher Binders
Our admittedly messy teacher blogger Caitlin Orsborne shares the three must-have binders that keeps her organized in the classroom and ready for any IEP meeting or substitute teacher that crosses her...


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