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We're very excited to announce the winners of the TeachHUB School Spirit Contest and Spa Giveaway that wrapped up yesterday.

School Spirit Contest Winner

In a real nail biter that came down to the final moments, the Roof Campers pulled out a victory in the School Spirit Contest with the Academic Super Bowl trailing just a few hundred votes behind. They both put up impressive numbers, both topping 11,000 votes. In fact, there was such a last minute rush to vote that they nearly crashed the site.

Congratulations to Daniele Clark and Spicer Elementary of Haltom City, Texas whose Roof-top sleepover fundraiser inspired the TeachHUB community to come out in droves on their behalf!

Daniele's Winning School Spirit Contest Entry: 

Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

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Every year I take the whole 5th grade to an environmental camp. In order to take everyone I do lots of fund raisers… Last year, we had a coin contest, for every $200.00 the students raised another teacher was added to the group of who was going to spend the night on top of the school. For an additional $50.00, Rosie the Dog stayed up there too. (All the roof campers are pictured above)

Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

The firemen took us up on the ladder and put us there for the night. We stayed up there on a Thursday night and had to go to school the next morning. Thank goodness, that Friday was hat day… We ALL needed a little more coffee and Sonic drinks that day! But I can tell you that was an experience the students never forgot and they have asked us to do it again! You will see on the pictures we had a live web cam all night long!! (view from the roof).

Danielle and her fellow roof campers will recieve $100 to fund the extracurricular activity of their choosing. I'll follow up with details on when available.

Thanks to the other finalists and everyone who entered the School Spirit Contest!

TeachHUB Spa Giveaway

Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Congratulations to Mell Issacs of Liberty Elementary in Franklin, Tennessee. She will receive $100 in spa certificates for such well-earned rest and relaxation!

Shoutout to Everyone Who Entered the School Spirit  

To close out the first TeachHUB contests of 2010, I'd like to recognize some of the other other super-spirited entries from the School Spirit Contest:


Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Tracy Hogan recognized the Grove Junior High volleyball team of Elk Grove, IL


Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Crystal Pruett and Beverly Honaker dressed up for the "Where in the World is Shaun the Leprechaun Hunt,"  Highland Park School in Roanoke, VA 


Wayne Schaber, Special Ed Teacher at NorthStar High School in Lincoln, NE recognizes his school for raising more than $3,000 for the Haiti earthquake, doubling the donations of other schools with students from higher income areas.


Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Hanna Brewer recognized the Running Club of Another Course to College pilot school in Boston, MA for the spirit and energy they bring to staying fit (photo taken at 8 am on a Sunday for a 5K race before the Boston Marathon).


Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Whitney Ingram of Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta, GA her fourth graders "love school so much that we wish blow kisses daily. We are ALWAYS smiling and paying attention. Life at our schools is like a day at the beach...maybe that's why that is our classroom theme!"


Announcing TeachHUB Contest Winners

Art teacher, Amy Moody at Claremont Elementary in Arlington, VA, has a lot of pride for her community and school!  Above is a huge free-form clay mural that the third graders made with her for their school. The mural is the parrot and school mascot!  Now in the front of the school, everyone can see the 4 and 1/2 foot by 5 foot symbol of their school!


We'll roll out TeachHUB's next round of contests in the next week or so. Have an idea for an awesome teacher contest or giveaway? Share in the comments section!

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