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ABCya: So Fun Students Don't Know They're Learning

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What fun! I was supposed to be working, but as I was researching for this blog post, I ended up having fun! I bet your students will say the same thing....


Check out the fabulous website ABCya, full of interactive activities for grade Kindergarten to fifth grade. 


This site is designed by a teacher for teachers and students! After being frustrated by her school's lack of learning software, ABCya's creater took to the web. She shares her experience on the website:

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After a few days of searching I found myself in a never ending labyrinth of sites loaded with pop up ads, violence, nested links, difficult navigation, and subscription fees! With only a few days left before school I decided to take matters into my own hands. I knocked on teacher's doors, asked for lesson plans and text books and studied the different activities. When I returned home I powered up my G3 Macintosh and jumped right into Macromedia Flash MX. I spent hours upon hours developing activities I could use in class with my soon to be students. read the full story 


After years of tweeking, she developd ABCya to share meaningful activities which support the learning that goes on in our classrooms.


I liked each game I tried:

ABC matching the alphabet letters to animal cartoon pictures 

Math, greater than, less than, equals too game

Super Connect the dots to practice skip counting

The games have kid-friendly visuals and make math and reading a race against time.


You can play with the featured games or check out the grade levels options! How easy this will be in a classroom, a computer lab and during the summer.




There are games for your core curriculum as well as building computer skills. So if you're looking for some work-related fun, I suggest getting on ABCya and finding the game(s) that will execute your curriculum with some flare!


To keep up on the latest games, join at twitter and follow the weekly updates!


What's your favorite classroom game (on or offline)? Share in the comments section!