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Word Magnets: Customize Online Literacy Exercises

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Word Magnets: Customize Online Literacy ExercisesEverybody loves to play with magnets. I still have my refrigerator covered with magnets although all the children are grown. You can bring that fun to your computer, your interactive white boards and your classroom with Word Magnets.

When you first arrive at the site, you will read some information about Word Magnets 2.0. If you really like Word Magnets, then you may want to check out the site version for a school.


To use the free version, just click “Next” on the first screen and explore all the ways you can enhance learning with Word Magnets.

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Step One: Choose your words (don’t worry, you can add more while you’re working/playing with the Word Magnets).


Step Two: Choose your background. For example, you can choose a plain area for building a sentence, or a Venn Diagram for vocabulary you want to compare, a set of columns for categorizing words, and more! 


Try this out on a computer or laptop. For added value hook up the computer to an interactive white board and you will have an engaging lesson for your students. Here are some examples to get you started.

Word Walls Made Easy with Word Magnets


This example demonstrates what a young reader might use to rebuild a sentence for comprehension.

Use Word Magnets for Venn Diagrams & Graphic Organizers


This might be used to compare contrast a reptile to an amphibian.

Word Walls for Higher Level Thinking Skills



Finally, you can create or allow your students to create categories and items for each category.


When creating any of these word magnets there is an option at the top of the background to add a new magnet. This is great for extending the activity and asking your students to use higher level thinking skills and add to the word wall or sentence.


How would you use Word Magnets in your classroom? Share in the comments section!


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