Will you recognize 9/11 in your classroom?
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There is always newspaper clippings, article and reading material about 9?11 posted in my room

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I talk about 9/11 and roll that into our trip to the fire station in October. I also use 9/11 education as a precursor to Constitution Day. I talk briefly about the tragedy but emphasize the heroism of the fire fighters, the police officers, and all the brave men and women both in the World Trade Center and on the plane in Pennsylvania. Even kindergarten is not too early to learn about historical and pivotal events. 9/11 changed our country, so the students need to understand, or begin to understand, what the day is all about.

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Absolutely! I think it's a good time to talk about hatred & bullying, & showing (even though it's on a larger scale) what it can do. It's a day to not only recognize those lives lost, but those who were the heroes in all of the rubble.

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To commermorate 9/11, every year my students and I read "We'll Go Forward from this Moment" by Leonard Pitts, Jr.

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I voted no on talking about 9-11. I teach second grade. These students weren't alive when this happened.

The day it happened we were forbidden from showing any television reports to the students. This was as it was happening. To ask teachers to try to explain this tragedy (that happened 11 years ago) to 7 and 8 year olds is too much.

If I had older students who were more aware of the world around them, I might consider it. I still don't understand why it is important to teach it now and I was not allowed to let my students know about it at the time.

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